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     May 14, 2008

A movie that’s currently playing in limited release and absolutely worth your time is “The Fall.” I’ve written about the film twice already. Once when I posted the movie clips, and the other was when I posted my exclusive video interviews with Lee Pace and director Tarsem. Here’s part of what I wrote:

If you haven’t heard of “The Fall,” it’s made by Tarsem Singh – who last made “The Cell.” While many people never saw the JLo movie back in 2000, the ones that did saw some pretty crazy visuals with a not so great story. However, this time, Tarsem has combined his breathtaking visuals with a story that’s just as good. Seriously, you’ve never seen anything like this movie. Here’s the synopsis:

Languishing in a hospital, Roy Walker (Lee Pace) is a broken man in more ways than one: Unable to walk after a fall from a horse in a movie stunt gone wrong, his heart is also broken after his girlfriend ran off with the movie’s leading man. Ready to end his life, Roy befriends five-year-old fellow patient Alexandria (Catinca Untaru), with the goal of persuading her to stealing a fatal dose of morphine pills for him.

Roy launches into a story that fuses patients, staff and others at the hospital with imagined personas and exotic lands. What he describes as “an epic tale of love and revenge” is so riveting to Alexandria that she will do whatever Roy asks in order to hear the next installment. The tale loosely mirrors the ill-fated love triangle that has left him heartsick and features Alexandria’s favorite nurse Evelyn (Justine Waddell), as the beautiful Princess Evelyn; Sinclair (Daniel Caltagirone), the movie star who stole Roy’s girlfriend, as the detested Governor Odious; and Roy himself as the avenging Black Bandit who leads the attack on the governor with the help of a colorful posse that includes Alexandria as the Black Bandit’s daughter.

But as the story takes a darker turn, Alexandria begins to realize there is far more at stake than the fate of a handful of imaginary characters. It’s up to Roy whether the Black Bandit–and Roy himself–will survive the climactic final scene.

“The Fall” was filmed all around the world and believe me it shows. Scene after scene is a marvel to look at, and what Tarsem does with the camera and the use of colors is amazing. Trust me…watch the trailer or some movie clips (click here to see them) and you’ll see what I mean.

Anyway, I was supposed to post this contest last week, but somehow I lost track of it…

I’ve been given a coffee book and a movie poster for “The Fall” and both were signed by Tarsem and Lee Pace. I’ve been told the coffee book is amazing.

Since I’ve only got one of each…if you want to win it, you’ve got to tell me why you deserve it. Since I know I’ll get a lot of submissions, please keep it short. I’m open for whatever you want to write…but please…no sob stories. That won’t help you win. I’m looking for why you love Tarsem’s work or why you’re looking forward to seeing the movie….or how you loved it and why.

Since I don’t need my email filling up…please send your entry to

In the headline say The Fall contest and in the body of the email please write your entry and your name. I’ll get the address from the winner after I email you. The contest is open till this Sunday (the 18th) at noon Pacific time. Good luck…

And here’s a photo of the poster that’s signed…

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