Rumor: THE FANTASTIC FOUR Is a “Genuinely Good Movie”; Plot Details and Logo Revealed?

     January 13, 2015


Josh Trank’s The Fantastic Four is due in theaters on August 7th, but we still don’t have a trailer and we also don’t have all that much information on the film besides the basics revealed in the brief official synopsis.  If this latest report is true, “an employee at 20th Century Fox” doesn’t approve of the studio’s minimal marketing and took it upon himself to unveil the Fantastic Four logo and spill a few details regarding the look and plot of the film.

We can’t confirm that this person really did work on the film so this is all just rumor for now, but this post does contain a good detail of plot spoilers so if you’d rather avoid them, you might want to take a pass on this article.  If not, hit the jump to check out the supposed The Fantastic Four plot details and logo.  [LAST WARNING: This post contains spoilers!]

fantastic-four-cast-kate-mara-miles-teller-michael-b-jordan-jamie-bellAs reported by CBM, someone calling himself MrBlueFox took to Reddit to share his thoughts and hold a Q&A of sorts after working on the second rough cut of The Fantastic Four.  The post has since been deleted, but someone re-posted it in full on IMDb.

MrBlueFox notes his skepticism about the film as a fan of the source material, but insists “the movie itself wasn’t all bad.”  He says it feels like Chronicle 2 and adds:

“It manages to keep the basis of the characters despite the race change for Johnny and the uh… original love story between two of the characters (I won’t mention who).”

CBM suggests that that could mean Trank’s film might stick close to Ultimate Fantastic Four and have Sue in a relationship with Ben rather than Reed, but why would MrBlueFox call it an “original love story” if it’s something we’ve already seen?

From there, the questions start pouring in.  Here’s what MrBlueFox had to say when another Reddit user asked for more details on Victor Domashev, aka Doctor Doom, including a detail we told you about back in November:

“He’s an internet blogger and a programmer who works for Dr. Storm at the Baxter Institute. However, after he gets his powers he becomes closer to the classic 616 Doom in personality. There are many hints towards him becoming ruler of Latveria in the future.”

the-thing-fantastic-fourMrBlueFox then confirms that the Dr. Doom set photos that leaked are accurate.  The character will need some “CG enhancements,” but he will “pretty much” look the same in the final film.  MrBlueFox also throws in this detail regarding Latveria:

“Towards the end of the movie, he tells the Four that he can do ‘good’ with his power and help his homeland.”

From there, the conversation shifts to The Thing with another user asking for details on the look of the character:

“The CGI wasn’t finished yet, given that it’s a rough cut… but design wise, he looks fine. Very Thing-like.”

After that MrBlueFox reveals how much of the movie takes place in the Negative Zone:

“The first half of the second act and the final battle. I’d guess around 30 minutes in total is spent in the Negative Zone (referred to as Dimension N in the movie itself).”

The back and fourth wraps up with a comment on Fox’s nearly nonexistent marketing campaign.  When a user asks why Fox is hiding the film, MrBlueFox replies:

“I really have no idea! In my personal opinion, the movie isn’t a complete trainwreck – it’s a genuinely good movie. I guess they don’t want to piss off the die-hard fans, but I really don’t know.”

Again, best to consider all of this as rumor for now.  First off, there’s no way to confirm this MrBlueFox is who he says he is.  (And if he really is an editor on the film and is this willing to leak confidential information, he may never work again.)  Second, if the report is true, he only got to see the second rough cut of the film.  At this point, big story details probably can’t change, but a lot of work still needs to be done between now and August.  He likely sat through a version with missing VFX, temp music, no color correction, sound design, etc., all of which has a significant effect on the experience of watching a film.

If you’d like to check out the image of the Fantastic Four end credits logo that MrBlueFox took using his cell phone, click here.

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