The First Teaser Trailer for LESBIAN VAMPIRE KILLERS

     December 29, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

For people who like movies with cool titles and thin premises, no project has been more eagerly anticipated than the British B-movie comedy “Lesbian Vampire Killers” … at least since “Snakes on a Plane”, at any rate. As implied by that completely non-ironic title, “Lesbian Vampire Killers” is about a pack of lesbian vampire killers that terrorize a small Welsh village until the townsfolk decide to send out two hapless male teens as sacrificial offerings – apparently the people of Wales missed the preference in victims that the term “lesbian” would seem to imply.

The official UK site for the film has just released their first teaser trailer and what can I say? It looks pretty much like a movie called “Lesbian Vampire Killers” is supposed to look… and because I want to preserve my air of political correctness I am going to let you decide for yourselves what that means. Personally, I’m just relieved to see a film that presents its vamps as neither overly sensitive nor married to their hair styling products… and I’m looking forward to exploring the issue of whom or what they are married to in “Lesbian Vampire Killers II”.

“Lesbian Vampire Killers” will rise in the UK on March 20, 2009

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