The Flash Explained: Who Is DC Comics’ Scarlet Speedster?

     November 15, 2017


Barry Allen. Forensic Scientist. The Scarlet Speedster. The Flash. In the upcoming Justice League movie, Barry will be playing the role of the rookie on the team. Unsure, nervous, and barely having been in any actual fights, the Flash will lend his speed to his fellow Leaguers in an attempt to stop the diabolic Steppenwolf. Flash, of the three characters that we are covering as part of our spotlight series, is the most well known thanks in part to the wildly successful series of the same name on The CW. The Flash has been one of the most recognizable superheroes that the DC Universe has to offer and while his costume may have changed a bit to reflect the modern retelling on the silver screen, the basic tenants of the character remain. I’ll get into them in more detail below.

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