‘The Flash’ Movie Reportedly Casting Iris West and Four Other Comic Book Characters

     April 22, 2016


Suicide Squad is scheduled for theaters later this year, Gal Gadot is finishing filming Wonder Woman before heading into Justice League: Part One, and even 2018’s Aquaman has some cast members set. Now it’s time to look to The Flash. According to Heroic Hollywood, a casting search has already begun for the DCEU’s story of the scarlet speedster, which already features Ezra Miller. But which characters might pop up around him?

Take this with a grain of salt for the time being, but HH’s Umberto Gonzalez has a solid track record when it comes to scooping the superhero movie beat. Similarly, you should proceed with caution if you want to remain as spoiler free as possible. Gonzalez states that Warner Bros. is looking for actors to fill the roles of five comic characters: Barry Allen’s love interest, Iris West; Eobard Thawne (a.k.a. Reverse Flash); Barry’s closest friend, detective Fred Chyre who’s reportedly investigating an unusual death at Thawne Laboratories; Len Snart (a.k.a. Captain Cold); and Jay Garrick, who supposedly just has a cameo appearance.


Image via DC Comics

Fans of The CW’s Flash series will know all of these characters. Candice Patton portrays Iris, Wentworth Miller has gone on to star in the Legends of Tomorrow spinoff as Captain Cold, Tom Cavanagh’s Dr. Harrison Wells was revealed as the world’s Reverse Flash, Jay Garrick by way of actor Teddy Sears is a big part of the latest season, but Al Sapienza’s Det. Chyre didn’t make it far in the series.

While director and DCEU producer Zack Snyder said The Flash film will be darker than fans may expect in order to fit with the world’s overarching tone, producer Deborah Snyder teased the character will still maintain some humor. She also suggested that Ray Fisher’s Cyborg, who also had a cameo in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, could feature in the speedster’s standalone film. Plot details are still under wraps, but — for those of us who saw Batman v Superman — one of The Flash’s cameos featured him in a dream-like sequence popping out of a white, glowing rip in time to warn Bruce Wayne of something. At least, we assume that’s what was happening. There’s still a lot of questions we have moving ahead in the DCEU.

The Flash is scheduled to hit theaters on May 16, 2018.


Image via DC Comics


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