Movie Talk: ‘The Flash’ Movie Nabs ‘Dope’ Director; ‘It’ Adaptation Finds Its Pennywise

     June 3, 2016

On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (June 3rd, 2016) Dennis Tzeng, Kristian Harloff, John Rocha, Natasha Martinez discuss the following:

  • It adaptation finds its Pennywise
  • Namor the Sub Mariner rights back to Marvel?
  • Bryan Singer wants a solo Mystique movie
  • Box Office predictions & opening this week
  • Mail Bag


Image via DC Comics

Back in April, The Flash movie lost director Seth Grahame-Smith over creative differences with no word on who Warner Bros. wanted to take over for the franchise. Now, thanks to a report from Deadline, DC and Warners have decided on Dope director Rick Famuyiwa, who is now in talks to take over the project that will still utilize Grahame-Smith’s script. Per Deadline’s report, Warner Bros is looking for the right “chemical mix” on its superhero picture line up and the feeling internally was that Famuyiwa provided a vision that would resonate with younger viewers, hinting that this will be a lighter film than Batman v Superman. No word yet on when The Flash will be going in front of cameras, but the film is scheduled to open on March 16, 2018 with Ezra Miller starring as the Scarlett Speedster.

Variety is reporting that Divergent actor Bill Skarsgard is the top choice to play Pennywise, the evil clown who terrifies the children of a small town in New Line Cinema’s adaptation of the classic novel It. The movie has overcome a number of hurdles to get to this point, the first being the departure of original director Cary Fukunaga who left over creative differences. New Line later announced that Mama helmer Andres Muschietti would be directing. Will Poulter was also originally attached as Pennywise, but had to part ways due to scheduling conflicts. According to the Variety report, the studio was conflicted on whether or not to stick with a younger actor or cast an older actor like Hugo Weaving, who was also considered for the role, before deciding to go with Skarsgard. The studio is planning two films, one focused on the children, and a sequel following them into adulthood when they return to their hometown to face the monster again. The first movie is set to hit theatres on Sept. 8, 2017.



Image via Marvel

Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada has now indicated that Marvel Studios has the rights back for their first mutant, Namor The Sub-Mariner, a character whose film/TV rights Kevin Feige previously called “complicated.” Appearing on the Fat Man on Batman podcast, Kevin Smith asked Quesada about the rights issues with Namor being back with Marvel, Quesada replied that he can’t speak for the studios but as far as he knows, they do have the rights, though he played coy saying he cannot confirm or deny.

In a report from THR, Sicario 2 is moving forward but without it’s main lead from the first film, Emily Blunt. The film will now be called Soldado, the Spanish word for soldier, and will center on Benicio Del Toro’s character. Previous reports had Denis Villenueve, who directed the first film, returning for the sequel based on a Taylor Sheridan script but that has now changed. Italian helmer Stefano Sollima is in final talks with Lionsgate to direct the sequel after Villeneuve’s schedule became too packed, given the film’s fall production schedule. James Brolin will also return as a CIA agent who plays both sides of the fence in the American war on drugs.


image via Warner Bros.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was supposed to get fans pumped about the rest of the DC Extended Universe film slate but instead, got them worried. Warner Bros. is clearly aware of this, as evidenced by the steps they’ve taken to right the ship. But what about the other directors tasked with fleshing out this world? Aquaman director James Wan weighed in on the Batman v Superman backlash, seeming to be well aware of the divisive nature of BVS in the DCEU. During a chat with the Italian outlet, Bad Taste, Wan shared his thoughts on the negative buzz for Batman v Superman, saying he thinks it’s a world that is so difficult to control and the expectations of fans are just out of this world. He said the best thing he can do is just tell the best story you can.

After appearing in six movies — and being played by two different actors — the X-Men movies might have another breakout character, with director and franchise head honcho Bryan Singer suggesting that it might be time for Mystique to receive her own film. During an appearance on Empire’s podcast, Singer said that the character would make for an ideal stand-alone movie, no matter who plays her, saying he thinks Mystique’s right for a solo movie, with or without Jennifer Lawrence. The character has a different view of the world. Xavier can get into Cerebro and look at the world but he’d rather just teach classes and see the beauty of mutants and humans co-existing in his mansion in Westchester. Along comes Raven with a reality check on the state of the world. It opens up a lot of avenues.


Now it’s time for Box Office Predictions brought to you by our friends at AMC Theatres. This is the part of the show where we make our predictions on what movies are opening this weekend and in what order they will top the weekend’s box office.



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Me Before You – Young and quirky Louisa “Lou” Clark (Emilia Clarke) moves from one job to the next to help her family make ends meet. Her cheerful attitude is put to the test when she becomes a caregiver for Will Traynor (Sam Claflin), a wealthy young banker left paralyzed from an accident two years earlier.


Britny Rodriguez writes:

Hey Collider

Do you think that the Avatar sequels could flop the same way that Alice Through the Looking Glass did? They came out around the same time when 3D was new and cool and both made a ton of money. One of the biggest complaints about Alice is that they waited too long for a sequel and the 17 Avatar sequels coming out are going to wrap up in almost 10 years. I know it’s a better movie than Alice is but re-watching it almost put me to sleep and I’m not sure I want to see another one let alone 4. Thanks for your time!

Tom writes:

Hi collider crew,

If Batman v Superman’s extended cut is better received by critics and fans than the theatrical version was, should WB give Zack Snyder more leeway when it comes to editing his Justice League movies?  I love BvS, but it does seem to have executive fingerprints all over it, more so than Age of Ultron… But maybe not as bad as the largest Fantastic Four. Thanks and keep up the good work.



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