‘The Flash’ Poll: Who Is the Man in the Iron Mask? [Solved!]

     May 25, 2016



[Update: “The Man in the Iron Mask” identity has been revealed! Check below to see if our pollsters got it right! Our spoilery reveal, for those of you who haven’t seen the finale yet, awaits you at the end of this article, following the poll.]

The Flash dropped a big reveal last night by letting Zoom show his Jay Garrick Face (which you guys guessed), but there’s still one seemingly vital character who is wearing a mask. We’re talking, of course, about The Man in the Iron Mask — a.k.a. Zoom’s prisoner who tapped out Jay’s name to Barry and Jessie while they were sharing adjoining cells. The Man in the Iron Mask seems integral to figuring out which version of Jay Garrick Zoom is, and what fate may await Team Flash when they inevitably go back to rescue our mysterious prisoner. Who is he? This speculation is about to get complicated in only the glorious kind of way a time-traveling, multiverse-embracing superhero show could get, but here are our best guesses, which you can vote on below: