‘The Flash’ Recap: “Abra Kadabra” – The Cost of Freedom

     March 28, 2017


The quest to save Iris continued on The Flash when a mass-murdering villain, Abra Kadabra, showed up in Central City from the future with knowledge of Savitar’s true identity. With that knowledge, Team Flash could have gained the leverage they needed in order to stop the speedster from killing Iris, but was the cost too high?

The hour revolved around the question of whether or not Abra Kadabra’s freedom was worth information about Savitar’s true identity with the hopes that could be used to save Iris. Should they let a killer go in order to save Iris? Or, should Gypsy get justice for her partner’s death by taking Kadabra back to her Earth for execution?

Barry wanted to make the deal to save his fiancee, but Iris wouldn’t hear of it. She didn’t feel the possible information was worth letting a killer go free to continue taking other lives. Her selflessness was heartening to see. It would have been easy to trade his life for her’s, but she didn’t want any part of that.


Image via The CW

While Iris didn’t agree with the deal, Joe saw the situation differently and went to see Kadabra to make the trade. It’s difficult to fault a father for taking whatever path is necessary to save his own daughter, though Joe was likely an idiot by falling for Kadabra’s ploy. RIght or wrong, we’ll never know since Gypsy interfered which provided Kadabra an opening to escape.

Gypsy’s unwillingness to let Kadabra go was personal for her, but her inability to see the bigger picture and Cisco’s lack of focus on that was unexpected. When they argued over the situation, it was surprising that he didn’t mention that her partner was already dead and that couldn’t be changed, while Iris is alive. Why wouldn’t she want to help save someone else’s life? Shouldn’t she understand the stakes? They didn’t go there though.

Even when Barry brought up the fact that Gypsy could save Iris’ life, the Collector refused to let go of her demand that Kadabra return with her for execution. Ultimately, they realized they all needed to work together to capture Kadabra before he returned to the future.

In epic fashion, the speedsters and the vibers raced around Central City to stop Kadabra before he escaped in the time machine to the future. It was a close call, but Barry was able to rip Kadabra out of the ship just before it entered the breach to the future.

Ultimately, Barry took Iris’ advice and agreed to let Gypsy take Kadabra back to her planet for execution, but not before the speedster tried to get Savitar’s name one last time. Unfortunately, it usually doesn’t work to appeal to a “glimmer of hope” within a villain like Kadabra and it didn’t this time either.

Instead, Kadabra’s taunt about Savitar and the others who have targeted Barry before sparked a new plan. Barry’s going to the future to get the knowledge he needs. While that is a sound decision on the surface, has Barry learned nothing from Flashpoint or his time in the Speed Force? It doesn’t look like it.


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But, before that happens, the episode had an extended post credit scene which was more troubling than anything that came before it. Caitlin seized after being stabbed, going through surgery and then died on the table. Despite her wishes, Julian removed her necklace to allow her metahuman abilities bring her back.

When The Flash returns, will they be able to save Iris or Caitlin? Team Flash has some very difficult days ahead of them.

Rating: ★★★★ Very good


— Hamilton tickets in July? Ouch. What a tragic way to remind everyone that Iris’ days are numbered, though it was a nice way to tie in the musical episode.

— Cisco: “Huh. Looks like things between you and Julian are a little frosty.”

— Cisco and Gypsy’s relationship is a little frosty too…

— Caitlin (to Julian): “I was so focused on not hurting you as Killer Frost, I forgot I could hurt you as Caitlin Snow.”

— Why didn’t Cisco vibe or Barry run to get a surgeon to work on Caitlin? Of course, Julian performing it was more entertaining, but definitely not the smartest move.

— Who would have thought Iris would be such a good, steady surgeon’s assistant? A little surprising. What else can she do?


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–Caitlin: “I’d rather die.”

–Barry: “Only way we catch him is together.”

–Caitlin: “Going soft on me, Julian?”

Julian: “Absolutely.”

— The heart-to-heart between Joe and Iris was touching. Their bond is unbreakable. What is a father supposed to do when he knows his daughter could die?

— Barry: “You know, they’re always one step ahead of us… for one reason– they know what’s going to happen. … it’s all just history to them. They’re armed with the future. Well, not anymore. If the answers that we need to stop Savitar and save you are in the future, then that’s where I need to go. I’m going to run to the future.” [Editor’s Note: IDIOT!] 

— Could Barry’s trip to the future be the mistake that leads to him sending the warning message to Legends of Tomorrow’s Rip Hunter?