‘The Flash’ Recap: “Attack on Gorilla City” – Welcome to the Jungle

     February 21, 2017


The Flash’s “Attack on Gorilla City” had a promising start when Grodd used Harrison Wells to trap Team Flash. Overall Grodd’s plan was one of the strongest aspects of the episode and sets up next week’s major gorilla vs. human battle on Earth-1. The letdown was the lack of intelligence shown by Team Flash at times.

The team, as led by Barry, continually let their emotions cloud their judgment and their intelligence, which has unfortunately been a recurring issue of The Flash since Barry saw Iris’ future death. Once again, Barry assumed that he could change a future event — entirely unrelated to Iris and her death — in order to prevent Savitar’s killing without any consideration that Harrison’s abduction and subsequent events was already factored into the future he saw.

That alone isn’t that big of a deal. While it’s misguided and short-sighted, the bigger problem was that the team didn’t make a plan or scout out the situation in Gorilla City before Cisco opened the breach and the entire team leapt into the unknown. They let their emotions override their brains and they landed in Grodd’s trap.


Image via The CW

Grodd proved to be the smartest of the bunch by manipulating Barry into fighting Gorilla City’s ruler, Solovar, which opened up the leadership role for Grodd to fill. The battle rule was “kill or be killed,” but Grodd didn’t need Solovar dead, just defeated to take his master down.

The fight between Solovar and The Flash was impressive, especially for a CW show, as the stadium visuals reflected the epic scope of the event for Gorilla City. It did seem unfair that Solovar was able to use a weapon and shield, but I guess it’s his city and his rules. It didn’t end up being an advantage as Barry was able to “Reverse Flash” the gorilla and take him down without killing him.

With Solovar out of the way, Grodd gained his own gorilla army to invade Earth-1 to get his revenge. The only problem was he needed Cisco to open a breach to get them all there. It was surprising that Grodd didn’t immediately start threatening to kill team members in order to get Cisco to comply, but that also wouldn’t have fit the ultimate story being told.

Team Flash manipulated Grodd into removing Barry from his cell and dumping him right outside their cells (awfully convenient, right?). With Barry out, he was able to free the others and Cisco vibed them to safety and then opened a breach to get home. They came out on top over Grodd this time. Will they be so lucky on Earth-1?


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In addition to the Gorilla City adventures, people found time for romance. Wally and Jesse initially had an awkward reunion, but eventually opened up about their true feelings for each other. Right now, it looks like love with prevail with Jesse deciding to stay on Earth-1 to be with Wally. While they make a cute couple, does The Flash need three speedsters in Central City?

While Wally and Jesse’s romance could be doomed due to the multiverse, the relationship between Caitlin and Julian continued to progress at a slow, but steady rate. As she tried to push him away because of her inner Killer Frost, he refused to accept that. These two complement each other in a unique way that’s been fun to watch.

Meanwhile, Barry’s continued delusions about changing the future somewhat taints his romance with Iris. They are absolutely adorable together, but his positive attitude is based on the fallacy that “We changed the future.” Ultimately, something will likely work to save Iris whether they actually change and event that alters the future or Wally saves Iris from Savitar, though.

First, Team Flash is going to have a more dangerous situation to address: Grodd and his gorilla army in “Attack on Central City.”

Rating: ★★★★ Very good


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— Joe: “If we save Harry, we save Iris. But, you’re not sure.”

— Wally: “I, um– I thought she’d be more excited than that.”

— Julian: “Are you going to Planet of the Apes?”

— Cisco: “Welcome to the jungle, baby.”

— Grodd: “Kill or be killed.”

— If Barry and Cisco were prevented from using their powers while trapped in the cells, how was Caitlin able to use her powers to freeze Barry. Did I miss that explanation or wasn’t there one?

— Julian: “They were smart, but today, at least, we were a bit smarter.”

— Jesse: “You turn my world, Wally.”

— If Jesse stays, does that mean Harry can stay too? And, HR can be sent back home? That would make it all worth it!

— How is Grodd going to convince Gypsy to open the portal? Will that be the end of a potential Cisco-Gypsy romance?