‘The Flash’ Recap: “I Know Who You Are” — Savitar Revealed!

     May 2, 2017


Well, The Flash has finally revealed Savitar’s identity … Surprised? Disappointed? Confused? Excited?

After nearly a season of anticipation, the ultimate reveal of Savitar’s identity turned out to be anti-climatic after the truth was overtly foreshadowed during the last half of “I Know Who You Are.”

Savitar is Barry.

This truth explains why Savitar was able to outplay Barry and Team Flash at every turn, but this revelation brings with it quite a few new questions. What happened to make Future Barry turn against himself and those he loved? Why would he want to go back in time and kill his own true love, Iris? And, mostly, from where in the timeline is this Barry? That answer will likely help answer the other questions.


Image via The CW

The Barry-Future Barry face-off finally came about after Team Flash used the information about Tracy Brand from the future to find and recruit her to help them develop the technology necessary to capture Savitar. Unfortunately for the team, Savitar knew their every move since this was his past, which put Tracy’s life in danger.

After a rough introduction this season, HR has found his place on Team Flash (and on The Flash) and has a purpose. His interactions with Tracy were a highlight of the hour. Her insecurities were perfect complement to HR’s charming and self-assured self. As such, he’s become an good addition to the team and adds variety to the team’s skill set (even if still occasionally annoying).

With HR’s reassurance, Tracy was able to come up with theory about Savitar’s speed and suit that could be used to create a prison for him. The question will be whether she’s able to put her theory into action and how to implement a plan to capture Savitar without future Barry knowing about it.

While it would have made more sense for Killer Frost to follow Savitar if he was Ronnie, it’s not unreasonable to believe she’d follow Barry. If anything, her allegiance to Savitar offers some hope that Caitlin is still in there somewhere.

If she has loyalty to future Barry, then she hasn’t lost all feelings for Team Flash. There is still hope for her. And, Julian has proved himself time and time again that he’ll do whatever he can to save Caitlin. After all the fights, Killer Frost isn’t yet a killer. She held back from hurting her friends and missed taking out Tracy at every turn.


Image via The CW

The Savitar reveal was a let-down, but the Killer Frost journey and her friends’ quest to save her was a highlight of the hour. The last few episodes of the season will showcase whether or not this Savitar storyline will be saved and turned into something epic or not. There are a lot of holes to be filled for it to make sense.

Rating: ★★★ Good


— The romance difficulties between Joe and Celine felt a bit forced within the episode at first. In the end, it played out to be a key point to revealing Savitar’s true identity. The real time troubles led Savitar to have Killer Frost take Celine. Nicely done by the writers.

— Cisco: “So… you’ve gone full-on Killer Frost, huh? New threads and everything.”
Killer Frost: “No more pencil skirts for me.”

— Killer Frost’s icicle path for travel was pretty darn cool. Perhaps an icicle roller coaster would be a good amusement park addition!

— The Flash: “This isn’t you!”
Killer Frost: “It is now.”

— “White Witch” – Nice alternative to Killer Frost.

— Tracy Brand: “Well, to be fair, you’re basically telling me I’m Sarah Connor in Terminator.”
Iris: “Well…”
Cisco: “Uh, more like… Miles Dyson.”

— HR: “Yeah… but good effort, though.”


Image via The CW

— Cisco: “I’m afraid.”
Julian: “Afraid of what?”
Cisco: “Afraid of killing her.”

— Julian’s heart-to-heart with Cisco was touching, “Your power comes from love.”

— Vibe vs. Killer Frost! It ended without either of them dying. Caitlin’s not saved … yet, but it’s a start.

— Savitar: “My ascension is nearly at hand, Flash. As I rise, you will fall.”

— Joe: “Cecile Horton, I love you. I love you with all my heart and I’m sorry I was dishonest with you. From now on, there won’t be any secrets between us.”

With Joe telling Cecile the truth about Flash and Kid Flash, another person knows. Hopefully, this won’t end up being a mistake. Joe deserves some happiness.

— “Love is all we have in this world and without it “

— Barry: “I know who you are.”

— Barry: “You know how much we love each other. And you know how to use that love against us. All this time, we thought that we couldn’t stop you because you were one step ahead, but that’s not it! You don’t just know what’s going to happen to us. You were there. You lived it. You remember… when you were me.”

— Savitar: “Like I told you from the beginning. I am the future Flash.”