‘The Flash’ Recap: “Into the Speed Force” — To Be or Not to Be a Hero

     March 14, 2017


The Flash started Season 3 with Flashpoint, and now Barry’s time altering snafu has come back to haunt not only him and Team Flash, but especially Wally, who’s being tortured in the Speed Force.

Unwilling to let Wally be sacrificed for him, Barry decided to go “Into the Speed Force” to save his brother. Meanwhile back in Central City, Jesse was determined to find and take on Savitar whether the rest of the team supported her or not. The battle against Flashpoint was fought on two fronts in the Speed Force and on Earth-1.

While Barry’s decision to save Wally would usually appear noble, it instead felt like Barry being his normal Barry-self and messing with time and space without understanding the consequences.

Initially, that was the case, but Barry ended up being more self-aware than he’s been in the past. As he said in the speed force, he’s no hero. Instead, “Into the Speed Force” had an unlikely and unexpected hero in HR. Yes, the crazy, quirky Wells had the cues necessary to find the answers to get Barry in and out of the Speed Force safely, and he helped save Jesse in her showdown with Savitar. Impressive.


Image via The CW

Barry’s adventure in the Speed Force had A Christmas Carol feel to it with the use of Eddie, Ronnie, Hunter Zolomon, and Captain Cold. Each of these characters helped Barry come to understand what he had done and tried to keep him from messing with the situation further. They couldn’t stop him, so the Speed Force used their history to teach Barry what he needed to do in order to fix it. In the end, the real Jay Garrick showed up as Barry’s sacrificial angel to save him and Wally from the Speed Force.

Sometimes the reappearance of deceased characters has a contrived feel to it in an episode. Here it worked. Barry’s relationship with each of those characters was challenging and unique. Their images provided the necessary impetus to help push Barry forward. The Speed Force tried its best, but never broke his resolve to save Wally.

In the end, Wally was indeed saved from the Speed Force, but it came at a great cost to him. He was left suffering from the torture of seeing his dying mother on repeat. He won’t even have Jesse there to help him recover as she conveniently decided to be Earth-3’s new Flash. It will be intriguing to see how Wally’s able to heal from this.

He wasn’t the only West to come out of this worse off, though. After forgiving Barry, Iris declared she wanted to be Barry’s wife despite all that transpired. Instead of embracing and committing their love to each other, Barry pushed her away. He’s obsessed with saving her to the point that he’s willing to sacrifice what could be their last days together.


Image via The CW

If he’s able to save her from Savitar, will she be able to forgive him for this? Is it the end of Barry and Iris’ love story? I doubt it, but Iris’ pain was palpable and this will be a big mountain to climb when this is all over.

Now the question remains, who is Savitar and where is he? Did Jesse injure him enough that Team Flash will be able to bring him down? And, will Barry be able to save Iris? We’ll have to wait to find out because next week is the much anticipated Flash/Supergirl musical episode!

Rating: ★★★★ Very good


— Barry: “Iris, did I lose you?”

— Cisco: “To infinity and beyond.”

— Iris: “That’s just the kind of hero he is.”

— The Time Wraiths were a little weak. Barry bettered them without even trying.

— Everyone agrees with HR? That’s a first. He’s gone from an annoyance to earning his spot on the team.

— Jesse (after punching HR): “That was oddly satisfying.”

— Barry: “I’m no hero. Not lately.”

— HR solidified his value by helping Jesse take down Savitar.

— Jesse: “This is for Wally.”

— Barry made this mess with Flashpoint, but it’s Wally and now Jay that are suffering the consequences. Why is the speed force so lenient with Barry?

— Jay: “Do what you do best. Be The Flash.”

— Three speedsters were a lot for Central City, though that was a quick shift from three to only one with Jesse going to Earth-3 (a bit contrived way to get rid of her) and Wally recovering from his torture.

— HR: “He’s not a god. He’s just a man.”

— Iris: “I want to be your wife, Barry.”

— Barry: “I love you, but you were right. I proposed because I thought it would save you. I thought Wally would save you. I was wrong. I, alone, have to save you in the future. Not by changing it, but by erasing it.”

— Space? The love of your life could die in the near future and you want space? That’s not very romantic!