‘The Flash’ Recap: “Killer Frost” — Droppin’ Truth Bombs

     November 22, 2016


While the core of The Flash episode “Killer Frost” was Caitlin’s journey of coming to terms with her abilities and overcoming her power’s villainous pull, the takeaways from the hour were the truth bombs. Barry and his team were forced to confront the truth about their new changed reality, everyone made bad decisions, and Alchemy was revealed.

It all started with Savitar. Who is he? The God of Speed or so he proclaimed. He’s certainly fast and he’s able to remain invisible to some people. Those abilities alone make him a formidable foe. The addition of his acolytes, including Alchemy, make him more mysterious and challenging to defeat.


Image via The CW

Savitar’s appearance (or lack thereof) put Caitlin and Cisco in the position of using their powers to save Barry. While the experience had a short-term effect on Cisco, it spurred Caitlin’s powers to take over and pushed her to turn on her team in an attempt to save herself. She lied to Joe about Wally’s condition and attacked an acolyte in police custody in the hopes that she could find Alchemy so he could reverse her affliction.

When that failed, Killer Frost took Julian prisoner and forced him to help her find other acolytes. It may have worked, except that Barry showed up to save the day. When forced to protect Julian or Caitlin, Barry knocked out his CSI partner to protect his friend even though she was in the wrong. She paid him back by destroying his world.

Truth bombs. Killer Frost pulled out the Mom card and used it to crush Barry and put a chill in Team Flash. Barry made a mistake by trying to save his mom, but he didn’t deserve to be soul-crushed like that. It was something Caitlin would never have done, which showed just how ruthless Killer Frost could be. Heartbreaking. As a follow-up, the icicle to the leg was nothing but a hinderance and a reminder that Caitlin was gone.

The showdown between Killer Frost and Cisco was nothing compared to that between her and The Flash, though both were difficult to watch. Caitlin’s frozen kiss to Barry was a kiss a long time coming for some, but not how anyone would have wanted to see it. No romance there at all! In the end, it didn’t come down to Barry’s speed or Caitlin’s freeze, but a swift kick of the legs for him to take her down.


Image via The CW

After locking Killer Frost up, Team Flash needed her help to save Wally after Joe released him early from the cocoon. In an even bigger, emotional and brilliant takedown, Barry used his emotional connection to Caitlin to save her. He offered Killer Frost her freedom, if she killed him. “Kill me, Caitlin. You can’t do it. You can’t. Because you are still you,” Barry pleaded. With Barry’s help, Caitlin saved herself and pushed aside the Killer Frost in her. It may not be permanent, but Caitlin was back.

So, Julian is Alchemy. Is anyone surprised? While it was widely speculated to be true, the prelude to his reveal was unexpected. In order to protect Caitlin, Julian forced Barry to resign from his CSI position by proclaiming that Barry’s moral compass is broken. Hmm… weird coming from Alchemy, right? Though, is Julian entirely off-base? Not sure.

With Barry out of the way and not at the station, his Alchemy identity will be easier to protect. It’s unfortunate for Barry’s career, but it will free him up to spend more time with Team Flash. Ultimately, that will be better for Central City.

Rating: ★★★★★ Excellent


Killer Frost: “What part of ‘I’ll freeze you to death’ did you not understand?”

Barry: “Cisco, if you find her…” Cisco: “I won’t call you. You’ve done enough.”

Joe and H.R. — what were they thinking opening the cocoon? Stupid. Team Flash is great at making terrible decisions from an emotional place. At least it all worked out and we don’t have to wait for Wally to get his speed.

H.R.: “Barry’s real superpower isn’t speed. It’s hope. Kid’s got an endless reservoir– believes everything’s gonna work out.”


Image via The CW

Iris: “I know you don’t want to be the leader right now, but you have to be.”

Barry and Cisco’s broken bromance is devastating. Let’s hope it’s short-lived!

Savitar: “Only together can we bring about my return. Become my servant once more. Become Alchemy.”

Since Julian is Alchemy, whose addresses did he give her? Real ones or fake? We’ll likely never know, but it would be interesting to know if Julian and Alchemy are of the same mind or if Alchemy overtakes Julian.