‘The Flash’ Recap: “The New Rogues” – All’s Wells That Ends Wells

     October 25, 2016


A well-known villain returned (sorta), two new Rogues were introduced, and Team Flash lost two members but gained another on The Flash Season 3 Episode 4, “The New Rogues.” This hour was a hodgepodge of moving pieces both personally for members of Team Flash as well as with new metahumans in town. But romance was also in the air! Barry and Iris moved beyond their disastrous first date to attempting an everyday-romance of dinner at home and cuddling on the couch. Unfortunately, it wasn’t smooth sailing with their familial bond getting in the way. It’s not difficult to understand Barry’s feelings or Joe’s discomfort with the shift in his kids’ relationship.

No, Barry and Iris aren’t actually siblings and there’s no reason they can’t or shouldn’t be in a romantic relationship, but their situation isn’t without complications. Joe would be awkward around any guy kissing his daughter, whether it’s Eddie, Barry or someone else. It’s just a little weirder because it’s, well, his kids Iris and Barry.

Barry has suffered so much loss (multiple times), so it makes sense that he’s worried about how his evolving relationship with Iris will alter his adopted family. It doesn’t change or lessen his love for Iris, but it does explain why he was hesitant to bring their romance into the family situation. In the end, Barry recognized his issue and came clean to Iris and came up with the perfect solution. He’s moving out!


Image via The CW

And, since Barry’s moving out and hanging out with Iris, it’s time for Joe to stop being alone and find love, too. He’s developed a connection with Cecile at work and if he gets out of his own way, it could be something special. Let’s hope he pays her back with a nice and romantic dinner.

To round out the West family’s romantic entanglements, attractions were brewing elsewhere, too. Wally and Jesse’s love of speed brought them together for fun runs, and then perhaps more. A shared kiss was the beginning, yet it ended just as quick with Jesse’s return to Earth-2. She’s certain to be back, so there’s still hope for a deeper love connection between those two.

It wasn’t all about romance, though. “The New Rogues,” Mirror Master (Grey Damon) and The Top (Ashley Rickards), were introduced through the well-known Leonard Snart. The three were apparently working together the night of the Particle Accelerator explosion. While Snart wasn’t affected, his cohorts became metahumans that night and three years later were reunited. Wentworth Miller always bring a quirky charm when he shows up, though his appearance here was underwhelming, since for the most part it wasn’t real. Miller signed a series regular deal to appear across the Arrowverse shows produced by Greg Berlanti this season, but how he would show up has remained a mystery since Snart died last season on Legends of Tomorrow. In this hour, Snart is seen only in a flashback and as a hologram, so there’s still no answer to whether he’s alive in the present day or not.

The biggest takeaway from Mirror Master and The Top’s appearance was when Barry was captured inside glass. In order to free him, Caitlin secretly used her “Killer Frost” powers to freeze the glass which allowed him to escape. While she hasn’t told anyone, Harry gave Cisco a heads up that their device didn’t work, meaning someone else freed Barry. Being a smart guy, it’s not a stretch to believe Cisco will make the Killer Frost connection. It’s just a matter of how long and how many other clues he’ll need.

While we are talking about Harry … how many different versions of Harrison Wells will we see? Over the first two seasons, it was intriguing to see Tom Cavanagh play alternate versions of the same character, but when will enough be enough? It’s understandable that Harry and Jesse needed to go back to Earth-2. With Barry as the Flash, he doesn’t need a constant sidekick in Jesse Quick. That said, do we really need Earth-19 Wells?


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It’s a bit much. I would have preferred to see this timeline’s Earth-1 Harrison Wells. Since Eobard Thawne is still alive and didn’t take over Wells’ body, he should still be around, right? If not, I’d like to get an explanation as to what happened to him. It’s an unexplained anomaly that lingers over this entire new timeline.

Overall, this was a decent, but not groundbreaking episode. The new timeline didn’t play into the story other than for Caitlin’s freezing powers. The hour did set the stage for the new Rogues and introducing a new Harrison Wells. But we’ll have to wait and see how these new characters play into this season.

Rating: ★★ Fair


— Barry: “Oh, my God. I’ve become Oliver.”

— Harry: “Want a Harrison Wells? Go get one.” — Really? Are all the Wells interchangeable now?

— Cisco’s powers are coming in handy! He’s now an “elaborate help wanted ad.”

— Joe: “I don’t love watching you two make out.”

— Iris: “Do these pants make my butt look big?”

— Earth-19 Harrison Wells goes by the name “HR.”

— Barry’s trick to capture Mirror Master was brilliant. How long will the non-reflective walls keep this metahuman prisoner though?

— With Jesse gone, will Wally’s quest for speed increase? How long before Wally and Doctor Alchemy’s paths cross?