‘The Flash’ Recap: “Untouchable” – Who’s the Hero?

     February 7, 2017


Who’s the real hero?

In “Untouchable,” The Flash approached this question from both directions. There was the straightforward look at those who publicly display heroic actions, but it was also addressed in regards to whether someone who has done wrong can be a hero.

Each member of Team Flash has their own role to play in making the team successful and each of them have own weaknesses and struggles as well. While Barry continues to work to improve Wally’s speed and abilities in order to save Iris, the question remains: will Kid Flash catch up to the Flash? Or will he always be in the elder’s shadow?

The banter and race between the two speedsters was a fun highlight given the dire circumstances which is prompting their intense training. Even though Barry continues to stress that he’s the “fastest man alive,” he needs Wally to exceed his speed to save Iris. The fact that they can joke about this seems odd when you look at it from that perspective, but it also make sense. If they focus too much on the coming tragedy, it could hinder their training.


Image via The CW

The Flash vs. Kid Flash debate during coffee at Jitters with Celine and her daughter was another bright spot. How was Joe supposed to pick between his two sons? It was a no-win situation for him. This interaction also provided a new perspective on superheroes in this world by letting us in on how normal citizens admire what Flash and Kid Flash are doing for their city. It’s a stark contrast to what is often seen on Arrow.

The villain of the week, Clive Yorkin, created by Alchemy (a.k.a. Julian), brought the Flashpoint timeline back into the story. For continuity purposes, it makes sense to go back to this well for another villain, but he wasn’t a compelling foe. His motivations fell flat and he really only served as a means to put Joe in the crossfire, force the truth about Iris’ impending death out, and put Iris’ life on the line now. The outcome of Yorkin’s plan moved the story forward, but as a villain in his own right he was a little lame.

However, the interactions between Caitlin and Julian were one of the positive aspects of Yorkin’s attacks. While Julian’s interpersonal skills are severely lacking, Caitlin understands and for the most part appreciates what he brings to the team. Are they heroes? Yes, but they both struggle with their pasts and what they have done. This common bond sets them up to bring out the best in each other. Caitlin wouldn’t have been able to control herself and save Iris if it wasn’t for his understanding of what she was going through. At the same time, she’s able to get through to him in a way no one else can. Team Flash is better with them both on the team together. Now, whether drinks should lead to more… probably not!

“Untouchable” brought the Flashpoint story, Julian’s metas, and all of Team Flash together to save the day with heart, humor and lots of action. Team Flash has become a well-oiled machine after their earlier conflicts this season. Wally’s getting up to speed, Joe knows the truth and Julian’s become the asset they need. Now, will they be able to save Wells from Grodd?

Rating: ★★★★ Very good



Image via The CW

— Wally: “This is is– the day the greatest upset in speedster history goes down.”

— HR’s world has a few intriguing differences, including Vice President Al Capone and Abe Lincoln on the $100 bill.

— Wally: “Pretty soon I’m gonna be faster than you.”

Barry: “Oh, yeah? Until then, what’s my name?”

— Cecile’s daughter and her love of Kid Flash. Hilarious! Will we have a mother-father and daugher-son double date coming up? The Flash does like to keep romance in the family after all.

— Joe’s anger over finding out the truth about Iris’ possible death rang very true. He had every reason to be furious, even though his kids kept the secret to protect him.

— Caitlin to Julian: “You do realize that it’s possible not to be a jerk all the time, right?”

— Is there any place or time that Cisco can’t vibe? This solution is becoming a little over the top when it’s used, and at the same time weird when it’s not used. Why not keep checking on the future if they are so concerned about Iris?

— Barry phased a train? What? That pushed any sense of reality out the window, though it was very cool.

— Barry and Wally make a great team. Barry knows what needs to be done and he effectively uses Wally to save the day. Wally took Barry’s direction twice to great success. First, he used air to get rid of Yorkin at Jitters and then his blood to defeat Yorkin’s meta ability

— Iris: “The man I love is a superhero.”

— Jesse Quick is back and it’s because Grodd has Wells. That can’t be good!