THE FLASH: Catch Up with the Speedster Before He’s “Out of Time”

     March 17, 2015


The CW’s superhero action drama The Flash is easily one of the year’s most popular new shows. Its only shortcoming is its wonky schedule that stymies consistent ratings and keeps viewers wondering when it’s going to come back. Never fear, for we are here to get you caught up on what you may have missed so far!


In case you missed our previous recap from the first half of The Flash’s premiere season, we’ve got you covered! This article lists ten things you need(ed) to know about the series by its mid-season premiere just this past January. What follows is a look at even more of the show’s surprising twists and turns that have entertained viewers in the handful of episodes that have aired this calendar year.

Going Rogue


Image via The CW

In the mid-season premiere, “Revenge of the Rogues,” the Prison Break team-up of Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell (as Captain Cold and Heat Wave respectively) gave The Flash fits. While our hero eventually managed to overcome the temperamental duo and gave them a one-way ticket to Iron Heights, Snart’s sister busted up the prisoner transport at the episode’s end. We haven’t seen her in the flesh yet, so expect the Snart siblings to return with their hot-tempered buddy sometime in the near future.

Follow Along with Our Fiery Interviews

We landed some pretty sweet interviews with the cast and crew of The Flash. Check them out below for some additional insight into the show:

Pied Piper Is Flushed Out


Image via The CW

“The Sound and the Fury” featured The Flash’s most cerebral villain yet (well, perhaps second-most when you factor in the nefarious Dr. Wells). Like the other Villains of the Week to appear on the show so far, Pied Piper was bested by Barry and locked up in the particle accelerator’s makeshift prison. Unlike most of the other villains, Rathaway appeared in a second episode and used his smarts and knowledge of Ronnie Raymond’s nuclear-powered origins as a bargaining chip to have Cisco bust him out. He made good on his promise to lead them to Ronnie, but also took the opportunity to escape their clutches once again. So there’s yet another formidable villain out there for Barry to take on, which is interesting enough in its own right, but this episode’s mention of the Royal Flush Gang suggests there are many more foes we haven’t even seen yet.

Cross(over) Fit

The CW knows its audience well, and it knows that viewers love seeing all the ridiculously fit and attractive actors together on screen at the same time. The DC side of the series also realizes that having The Flash and Arrow on the same network provides an excellent opportunity for plot-oriented crossovers as well. The shows have already met on each others’ turf a couple of times, but another meta-episode is in the works. This time, in an episode titled “All-Star Team-Up”Arrow’s Ray Palmer will pay a visit to Central City’s S.T.A.R. Labs to nerd it up with the lab team. Should be a … blast!

Heroes and Villains


Image via The CW

While The Flash is plenty interesting as a central title character, it’s the cavalcade of comicbook heroes and villains that make the show really fun to watch. There are, of course, the Villains of the Week, some of whom may be making future appearances on the show in all new team-ups. And then there are the big three characters that The Flash has been building up in various ways this entire season. Here’s a look at those heroes and villains:

  • Gorilla Grodd – We didn’t get our first solid look at the fan-favorite supervillain until the most recent episode, but it’s incredibly reassuring to see that The CW is going to shine the spotlight on this simian, presumably very soon.
  • Firestorm – The Flash isn’t exactly underpowered, but he can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of malicious meta-humans descending on Central City. What’s a hero to do? Call in reinforcements in the name of a walking nuclear reactor with a dual personality, of course!
  • Reverse Flash – The big bad of the series so far has been one of the most well-written characters in comicbook series television history; a relatively short list, to be sure, but still… While more questions than answers remain, it’s a certainty that the final episodes of season one of The Flash will be rushing towards an explosively dramatic showdown between the superspeeders. And if you’re still unconvinced about the villain’s identity, perhaps this official image will help to sway you.
  • The Trickster – (Bonus Character!) Sure, he may not have actually shown up on an episode yet, but when this playful villain is played (in a reprising role from his appearance on the 90s series) by Mark Hamill, he’s got to get a shout-out.

What’s Next?

Look, I could talk all day about The Flash, but the show’s fantastic (and very spoilery) trailer from PaleyFest 2015 does a much better job. Hold onto your butts!

The Flash returns to The CW on Tuesday, March 17th at 8pm/7pm Central.


Image via The CW