‘The Flash’ Season 1: Aquaman Appearance Teased in Deleted Pilot Scene

     September 18, 2015


Look, it’s not like I don’t get it. It’s common practice at this point to connect every DC title with every other DC title, every Marvel title withe very other Marvel title. It’s just the state we find ourselves in at this point and I’m really, really trying my darnedest not to get agitated every time I read another bit of news of the MCU diluting dramatic tension and focus by looping in another one of their innumerable characters into an already crowded, single film. That’s why I’m generally pretty pleased with how The CW’s The Flash handles a few major name drops in this deleted scene from the series’ pilot, which originally appeared on EW. The short scene sees Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), in his regular not-superhero outfit, talking with close confidant, Detective Joe West (Jesse L. Martin), about a series of stories he’s been investigating. Most prominently mentioned is his trip to Amnesty Bay to look into reports of a man who can talk to fish, teasing a possible appearance by Aquaman in the series.

Check out the deleted scene, which appears on the Blu-ray of The Flash Season 1, below:

Thankfully, other than the appearance of Arrow in the Season 1 finale, The Flash has kept away from roping in too many other superheroes and focusing on one superhero’s expansive lineage. Time will tell if this is the case with the upcoming bow of Season 2 on The CW, which we already know will feature the original Flash, Jay Garrick, and a host of new villains, such as Zoom and Atom-Smasher. And to be honest, in terms of character tone, The Flash and Aquaman would prove a more understandable pairing than any of the more grim characters in the DC Universe.

The series premiere of The Flash Season 2 hits The CW on October 6th.


Image via CW

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