THE FLASH Season 2 Will Feature a New Power and Love Interest for Barry Allen

     July 11, 2015


At Comic-Con, we had the opportunity to sit down with the cast of The Flash and executive producer Andrew Kreisberg to discuss what’s in store for the superhero series in Season 2. We covered a wide range of topics and learned about some important elements that will be a primary focus on the series when it returns this fall. From possible romances to crossover news, they had quite a few hints to offer about the direction of the show. Here are some of the highlights from our chat.

  • Tom Cavanagh admitted that his favorite part about the show and his character is being able to put on the suit and take part in the action. He views it as a payoff after having Harrison Wells bound to a wheelchair for most of Season 1. He teased his involvement in Season 2 by stating that the show’s already come out of the gate with a flurry and he’s most definitely been part of that. In what capacity? That’s something we’ll have to wait and see.
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    According to Kreisberg, the types of villains visiting Central City, and their agendas, will be different this year. As for our team of heroes, he added, “I think one of the biggest things we’re attacking this year that’s different from other show’s we’ve done is that everyone knows about the Flash and he’s becoming a public figure.” The season will deal a lot with how Barry reacts to becoming a bit of a celebrity and losing his mystique.

  • Grant Gustin for his part, said Barry and Wells will not be interacting at all from the get-go, adding a bit of mystery to Cavanagh’s words about his involvement. It seems the answer lies in alternate timelines and universes. “Wells is on the show but we’re introducing the multi-verse concept. That’s why he exists still, somewhere,” Gustin noted, trying not to divulge too much.
  • Jay Garrick’s Flash will be touched upon in Season 2 but Gustin said he was specifically instructed to remain vague about that role. He credited the writers for their excellent use of easter eggs in the show and confirmed those are usually indicative of upcoming appearances. “I would expect to see Jay Garrick sooner rather than later but I don’t want to divulge yet about Barry and his relationship with him,” he said with a smile.

  • Eddie (Rick Cosnett) will be back on the show. The multiverse concept makes it possible to bring back characters who otherwise would remain dead. But this doesn’t mean his loss will have any less of an impact, especially on Iris.
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    Candice Patton is optimistic about Iris’s state of mind after losing Eddie. She believes she will bounce back fairly quickly, especially after she begins working with the Star Labs team. Her reporting skills will come in handy, “She’s going to be using that to help Team Flash, to kind of be the voice on the street and get the story they can’t really get.”

  • There’s a possible new love interest for Barry in the horizon, in the form of a young police officer. “We’ll get to see them in the field. They have a lot more in common in a lot of ways than some of the other girls Barry has had an attraction to,” Gustin expressed, asserting that the two would be hitting it off pretty well. And fans of WestAllen will have to be patient. The actor mentioned that the relationship will be taking a back seat this season. “He won’t be trying to make a move on Iris. I think they’re just trying to be there for each other,” Gustin stated.
  • As for Iris’s feelings for Barry, Patton said she has a lot of other things to deal with in the meantime. “We can all see that Iris has feelings for Barry that are so deep seeded. She just hasn’t been able to deal with those. But at the end of the day, Barry and Iris just want what’s best for each other. I think Iris would want Barry to be happy, whatever that looks like,” she said, referring to Barry’s new love interest.
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    Season 2 will feature a lot more family dynamics, especially in the West household. “The heart and the emotion will come more from Iris West and her relationship with Joe and her family,” said Patton.

  • Barry will have a new mentor this season and the second episode will see Barry discovering something new with his powers. Gustin expressed his excitement for this new development, “It involves lightning,” he teased.

  • Similar to last year, both of The Flash’s and Arrow’s eighth episode will be a two-part crossover event, with the rest of the season peppered with mini crossovers between both shows.
  • The biological changes that began happening to Cisco at the end of last season will continue to take effect at the beginning of Season 2. Carlos Valdes touched briefly on the team’s dynamic, stating that relationships will continue to be put to the test. As for romantic interests, those will be explored as well.

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