THE FLASH Season 2: Is Barry Allen Getting His Own Felicity Smoak?

     June 11, 2015


The Flash had a fantastic first season on the CW, thanks in part to the course-corrections the show’s creative team made from some of Arrow’s shakier choices. The Flash wasn’t as dark or serious, but it still had weight. It also played up its craziest elements (time travel, Grodd, a host of meta humans, and more) with abandon, and never let its relationship dramas rule (even though they were still heavily present).

That may not be the case for much longer. According to TV Line, Season 2 is looking to cast the major recurring role of “Wendy, a spunky, fun, and funny” romantic interest for Barry Allen. Apparently a Central City PD cop, Wendy is “bright and scientific-minded.” The casting call also specifies “think ‘Felicity Smoak’ from Arrow.”


Image via The CW

Oh Lord, deliver us. What this also seems to suggest is that the Barry-Iris pairing isn’t going to happen for awhile (Iris will probably be focused on mourning Eddie’s sacrifice). But because a show on the CW cannot exist without shipping, a ship shall be built. (And for the SnowBarry fans still out there, don’t forget that Caitlin did marry Ronnie in the finale, so, that ship has most definitely sailed!)

Felicity has gotten to be a somewhat controversial character on Arrow, and it doesn’t seem particularly wise for The Flash to recreate her for its show (especially when actual Felicity shows up as often as she does). It would also be nice to have a female character who wasn’t the same as the personalities we already have (as in not just Felicity, but also Caitlin). Unless Wendy is meant to potentially take over a Caitlin-esque role as Caitlin ends up fulfilling a more sinister destiny … in one of the timelines. Maybe.

Barry should date, of course (and he’s not exactly a one-night-stand kind of guy), but couldn’t the show make Wendy different from just a Felicity clone? On the other hand, the Barry/Felicity dynamic does work pretty well … regardless, won’t Wendy just run up against Barry and Iris’ feelings for one another, just like all of Barry’s other potential love interests? So many questions!

Of course, it’s all speculation until we actually see what The Flash does with the character, who will be introduced in Episode 2 of the new season, after everyone (yes I predict everyone) has survived the singularity that was set to gobble up Central City. But for now, what say you, Flash fans?

The Flash will return to the CW this fall on Tuesdays at 8 p.m.


Image via the CW