THE FLASH Finale: The 6 Biggest Questions For Season 2

     May 20, 2015


Warning: If you have not watched the Season 1 finale episode, do not continue! Also, some of these teases are from the comic books, so if you aren’t interested in those kinds of spoilers, exit posthaste! 

In The Flash‘s Season 1 finale, “Fast Enough,” (click the title link for Dave’s great recap) Barry Allen is given an opportunity to go back in time and save his mother from being murdered by the Reverse Flash. The entire finale was gut-wrenching and full of emotions, but nothing was more difficult to bear than seeing Barry decide to not save his mother, because another, future version of himself told him not to (got all that?)

But that was only one small component of “Fast Enough’s” many revelations. What had Future Barry experienced that made him stop his other self from saving Nora Allen? And what were all of those references in the Speed Force about? Here are a few clues and teases for what we might see in Season 2: