Extended ‘The Flash’ Season 3 Trailer Teases Flashpoint Fallout

     September 23, 2016


There are a lot of exciting things to looks forward to in The Flash‘s new season. Barry altering the timeline to go back and save his mother’s life (and his father from jail) gives us a chance to see how things might have looked if Reverse Flash hadn’t succeeded in his plans, but it also will give the core cast a chance to play wildly different versions of themselves (like we saw with the Earth-2 storylines last season, which were some of the year’s best). But while Barry is always ready to embrace the positives in situations like this (including his appreciation of there being another Flash — Kid Flash! “Don’t call me that”), it’s clear from this new, extended trailer that he’s going to have to make a very, very difficult choice.

The series’ cast and creators have told us that Flashpoint won’t last all season, but its repercussions will be felt throughout. In this trailer below, we’re starting to get a sense of how, as Barry starts to forget who he is because he is because he’s living as the same person in two timelines. What that means for other characters, though, remains to be seen. Check it out below:

Per usual, most of the season has been kept under wraps, so we’ll have to wait to speculate on where things go from here. But having Barry choose to reset the timeline to the one we know — the one where his parents are dead — is an devastating thought. He’s been faced with it before, but he’s never been so fully immersed in it. The Flash has always handled emotional issues stemming from loss very well, and Grant Gustin always nails it (like last season’s moving “The Runaway Dinosaur”). This season, though, it feels like the hard questions are going to be addressed very, very early. Get prepared.

The Flash returns to The CW Tuesday, October 4th. Keep an eye out for our Season 2 recap, coming soon, and also check out our recent Flash coverage below:


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