‘The Flash’: Grant Gustin Confirms Flashpoint Won’t Last All Season

     August 2, 2016


Someone at The CW is actually letting The Flash star Grant Gustin talk about the upcoming Flashpoint plotline that we have so many questions about, and we are grateful! Recently, we learned more details about Flashpoint that will show us a very different world (similar to our alternate time spent in Earth-2) where the characters we know and love have been fundamentally changed by Barry’s decision to save his parents. But one of the biggest questions is … how long is the timeline change going to last? Forever?

In an interview with Kevin Smith for IMDb at Comic Con, Gustin revealed that,

“I think we can state Flashpoint does not last all season long. But there are permanent ramifications.”


Image via The CW

One of the things that The Flash does so well is that it does make sure that there are ramifications for time traveling. When changes are made to the timeline, it matters. And sometimes, it brings about things like Time Wraiths. But after what felt like a lackluster conclusion to the Zoom storyline in Season 2, it’s exciting to think that this timeline change is going to infuse the series with a host of new problems that will reverberate even after the series exits the Flashpoint arc.

The interview also touched upon the decision-making process for Barry when he decided to go back and save his parents’ lives in the first place, especially after Iris just told him that she loved him. Gustin explained,

“I think that sitting on that porch, having just defeated Zoom, Iris says to Barry what he’s always wanted to hear, and he feels empty inside… As selfish as it was that Barry wanted his parents, I think it’s more about ‘these two speedsters took away their life because of me, and they deserve to have a chance at life. I can’t do this, I need to give them that chance.’”

And yet, knowing that Flashpoint doesn’t last all season means, most likely, that Barry will have to lose his parents all over again to put things back the way they were. But is it fair to make Barry go through all of that pain again? Will the glowing, chill light of the Speed Force guide him again? And what will be so bad or different in the new timeline that he knows he has to undo all of this to return to that other world?

We’ll find out soon, but not soon enough — The Flash returns to The CW on Tuesday, October 4th.

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