‘The Flash’: Who Is the Villain Savitar?

     November 15, 2016


The Flash has, of course, always been a prime platform for evil speedsters to emerge. The Reverse Flash, Zoom, the Rival, and the upcoming Savitar have all made up a healthy stable of foes that Barry Allen must tangle with in order to protect the denizens of Central City. This season, following the creation of the new timeline “Flashpoint”, Barry has been dealing with problems emerging because of his tampering with the space time continuum. While the Rival and Dr. Alchemy have presented themselves as the main baddies so far (though the Rival being killed subsequently by the latter) the producers of the series have promised to introduce yet another villain in the form of Savitar, referring to him as “the god of motion.” While not having a huge influence on the comics, Savitar’s background is interesting, and I’m excited to see how he’ll be used in the episodes to come.