‘The Flash’: Witness Savitar’s Debut as “The God of Speed”

     November 16, 2016


Warning: This post contains SPOILERS from last night’s episode of The Flash.

At long last, Savitar debuted on last night’s episode of The Flash in a scene that at least seemed like it was going well for Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). After moving in on Dr. Alchemy (one of his followers?), the God of Speed brought down his wrath, proving to be the most powerful speedster Barry has ever faced. The clip of the scene debuted online, so fans who skipped out on the episode can at least see what the villain looks like.

As for those specifics: Savitar looks like a low-budget version of Sauron from The Lord of the Rings, or possibly a member of the Deceptions from Transformers — whichever you prefer! But, for a CG character on a CW budget, he’s certainly not as bad as he could’ve been.

In the comics, Savitar was once a Cold War pilot who received his powers after his aircraft was struck by Speed Force-induced lightning. He then considered himself to be a god and named himself at the Hindu god of motion, Savitr. Unlike other speedsters, his studies of the Speed Force unlocked secrets to new abilities, including stealing speed from others and imbuing his human cult followers with speed.

Check out this first look at The CW’s version of Savitar in the last few moments of the clip below:

And that’s not even the worst of it! Wally West ended up in some kind of cocoon, which may or may not grant him abilities, too. Elsewhere, a new trailer for next week’s episode shows Caitlin embracing her Killer Frost alter ego in an installment directed by Kevin Smith. It’s just like old times in the Earth-2 and Flashpoint stories!

We’ll have to wait and see how Barry gets out of this one and what plans Savitar has in store. But we won’t have to wait too long — The Flash will air next week on Tuesday at 8 p.m.