Watch: ‘The Flash’ Season 3 Promo Glimpses the Villain Savitar

     August 24, 2016


The scarlet speedster will have a new crop of enemies to deal with when The Flash returns to The CW for season 3 in October. While fans already know about folks like Mirror Master and Dr. Alchemy, a new promo for the premiere episode features our first glimpse at cult master Savitar, while additional casting reveals The Rival will be making an appearance.

In DC Comics, Savitar is another speedster, but one with abilities that surpass those of Barry Allen. Some of his unique powers include light speed and the ability to absorb speed from other objects. The Flash co-showrunner Todd Helbing told TVLine during a recent interview, “Savitar in Hindu means ‘the god of speed,’ and he has this sort of cult-like essence, where he’s sort of like the speed god. But everything about him is different than Zoom or Reverse Flash.”

The new promo (shown below) features a split-second scene in which a cloaked figure is shown kneeling in some sort of place of worship. Elsewhere, we see Barry attempting to explain to the alternate timeline version of Cisco how his trip to the past messed with everything.

Meanwhile, Todd Lasance of The Vampire Diaries has joined the cast as The Rival, yet another villainous speedster. This one studied alongside Jay Garrick in the comics, and developed similar abilities when he created a formula that temporary made him a speedster. He subsequently donned a darker outfit and became a villain.

Also in season 3, fans can look forward to a musical crossover with Supergirl, a possible return of Teddy Sears as Black Flash, Gorilla Grodd and Gorilla City, and Independence Day: Resurgence actress Joey King as Magenta. She recently tweeted a photo of her new look.

The Flash returns Tuesday, October 4 at 8 p.m. ET.


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