‘The Flash’ Season 3 Trailer, Plus 14 Things to Know about the New Season

     July 24, 2016


Saturday afternoon at San Diego Comic-Con, we got a chance to participate in roundtable interviews with the cast and writers of CW’s The Flash. The Season 2 finale saw another timeline reset courtesy of the scarlet speedster, and this time around it seems like everything is going to be turned on its head. The big talk for next season is the much anticipated introduction of the Flashpoint storyline from the comics. Needles to say, it was a big topic of discussion during our interviews. Here’s what we learned about Season 3’s reinvented universe from writers Aaron Helbing and Todd Helbing, and stars Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Jesse L. Martin, Carlos Valdes, Candice Patton, Keiynan Lonsdale, Tom Cavanagh, and Tom Felton. Also scroll down to see the first Season 3 trailer.

  • Gustin says Flashpoint will really change the dynamic of the show and Barry’s interaction with the other characters. There’s a lot from that storyline that cannot be incorporated into the show but it will be addressed in some way. “We do a lot of Flashpoint aspects that are nods to the animated version and the comic book but it’s our thing for sure,” he assured.

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    Aaron Helbing said that “everything that happens in Flashpoint will have a ripple effect throughout the season.” Todd Helbing discussed only a bit of what we would see, stating that we’ll get a look at Barry living back home with his parents and the audience will immediately pick up on the changes that have occurred in the other characters. We’ll be presented with a completely different world before it all starts to get slowly unveiled.

  • The episode will contain bits and pieces of the Flashpoint storyline presented in the comics but it will not include any of the superheroes. Aaron Helbing described the process as having to “filter and spin it around,” in order to make the best story possible. As to how the timeline will be affected in the other DC universe shows? Todd Helbing said a mini crossover with Felicity in Episode 2 will answer all of those questions.
  • Since he’s the only one aware of the changes, Barry will have a different grasp on how much things are affected by his choice to mess with the timeline. He will get some words of wisdom and advice from another speedster about messing with time, and Gustin says his character initially doesn’t share his knowledge with anyone.
  • The relationship and dynamic between Barry and Jay Garrick will be explored this season as well. Gustin confirmed they will have a scene together in the first two episodes. He described their interaction, and how seeing John Wesley Shipp play a character other than Barry’s father as “weird and different.”

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    Fans might get their wish of seeing Iris take her role as an investigative reporter a little more seriously in the new season. Patton says it definitely looks that way based on the scripts she has read so far. “I would love to see more of reporter Iris,” she said, “I’m fighting for it, too.” However, she’s not very optimistic about the prospect of her investigating cases that are not related to meta humans.

  • WestAllen will be completely new this season. The fact that in this timeline Barry and Iris did not grow up together allows for a new and interesting dynamic between the two characters. “They’re somewhat on each other’s radar and Barry’s gonna have to force that relationship,” Gustin said, adding that it will be all up to his character to pursue Iris. “I think we’re finally going to see them try and have a relationship work and hopefully it’s a healthy and happy thing,” Patton added.
  • Patton also said the new dynamic between Barry and Iris is “really fun.” She laughed thinking back to their scenes, “Some of the stuff Grant and I have been shooting has been some of my favorite stuff, lots of really great banter and interaction. There’s one scene that happens that I smile when I think back [to it]. It’s one of the best times I’ve had so far. I think fans will really enjoy the Barry-Iris dynamic. It’s very good. So cute. It’s so cute.” She gushed.
  • Panabaker compared Flashpoint to some of the Earth 2 episodes in Season 2 where all the characters are different versions of themselves. “It was so exciting to know that we were going to do that again and switch things up. It’s fun,” she noted. Panabaker also teased that some of the relationships that we’ve come to know might no longer exist after Barry messed with the timeline. As for what she’d like to see from Caitlin in Season 3? More girl time and staying away from romantic relationships. “I think it’s time for Caitlin to take a break from boys, focus on herself, heal her heart and then move forward,” she added.

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    Wells will not be happy when he is confronted with the idea of Jessie has been affected by the particle accelerator. “Even though he can’t, he wants to keep her under his wing and protect her,” Cavanagh said, “That conflict will definitely exist.” The actor also assured that the versions we’ve already seen of Harrison Wells will not be the one portrayed on screen when the show returns.

  • Flashpoint is an important part of Cisco’s arc. “This is where everything is changing, he starts to realize maybe he is a hero,” Valdes explained. “With the acceptance of those powers and that responsibility, Cisco starts to bloom,” he teased. We will also get to see him interact with his brother again, “Dante actually plays a very important role for Cisco’s arc in Season 3. Viewers are gonna get to see that right from Episode 2.”
  • The reveal of Kid Flash was something that many fans were excited about, but no one was more excited for that reveal than Londsdale. “I knew it would happen eventually but I wasn’t sure [it would happen soon]. I was definitely surprised when I read the Flashpoint episode,” he said. He described the suit as hot, sweaty, and hard to move in but definitely worth it, and expressed his desire to take part in future crossovers.
  • While Lonsdale was hesitant about revealing whether Wally would be sharing his new identity with anyone, Patton was quick to admit that Iris will be in on the secret. “Iris is very much involved in that dynamic. She knows Kid Flash and helps, and works with him,” she said, noting that she will not be in the dark like she was in Season 1. However, this doesn’t seem to ring true in regards to Joe. Martin said his character is completely ignorant of it, “I know there’s a Kid Flash out there and CCPD is well aware of it but I don’t know it’s Wally,” he said.
  • Another exciting addition to The Flash family has been Felton’s character of Julian Dorn. “It’s a very nerve-racking thing to come on to someone else’s set,” Felton admitted, “For me to be expected to jump into it, is not always that easy.” He did assure the cast and crew were incredibly welcoming and hospitable. While mum about the details of his character, he did tease that his skill set is very similar to that of Barry’s, which might cause a rift between the two characters.

Check out the first Season 3 trailer below:


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