New ‘The Flash’ Trailer and Images Put Barry on Trial for Murder

     January 4, 2018


When we last left Barry Allen on The Flash, he was finally married to Iris, but couldn’t quite enjoy a honeymoon yet since some new machinations by DeVoe left him on trial for murder. Of course, Barry didn’t actually murder DeVoe, he just showed up and was framed, and didn’t speed-run himself away because … well, that’s not totally clear (he had promised Iris he wouldn’t be running away from things anymore, but frankly, if there was ever a time to do so…). In any case, it looks like Barry was obsessed with and eventually murdered DeVoe, who is not actually dead, but sort of Get Out-ted his way into the body of Caitlin’s potential love interest, giving him full access to the inner workings of Team Flash.

In the midseason return, “The Trial of the Flash,” it looks like we’ll get a mini Law & Order episode where Barry must clear his name (and Cecile is defending him? Isn’t she a DA?), with none other than Mark Valley prosecuting him! (He of Human Target fame). And from a new trailer for the episode, it looks like Barry’s noble act of not running from the scene of the crime might lead him to do something just as bad, like lie on the stand. As far as people knowing he’s The Flash (as is discussed as a possible out), I mean, who doesn’t know he’s The Flash at this point?

It’s also interesting to note that Barry is now falsely on trial just like his father was, which makes sense because every Flash villain is also an ultimate fanboy who loves to reference Barry’s past (and future) in their plots against him. Check out the new trailer below, as well as a ton of new images; The Flash returns Tuesday, January 16th on The CW: