‘The Flash’ Recap: “Elongated Journey Into Night” – Silly Putty

     October 31, 2017

the-flash-season-2-costume-sliceAfter a couple of laugh-heavy episodes, The Flash shifted tone somewhat in “Elongated Journey Into the Night.” While there were funny lines and moments, the overall tone was more serious with the introduction of Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer), aka the Elongated Man, and Gypsy’s father, Breacher (Danny Trejo). This hour was a launching pad for a new path of discovery regarding the new metahumans and Team Flash’s foes.

Team Flash continued their quest to find the remaining bus passengers and newly created metahumans. Their search led Barry to come face-to-face with a former colleague from the police department, Dibny, whose dismissal from the force left him to work as a private investigator.

The animosity between Barry and Dibny provided an intriguing dynamic that we haven’t seen that often on The Flash. Barry’s generally beloved by those who know him and Dibny fills the antagonist role that’s been missing since Julian’s departure. The journey from animosity to a positive understanding between Barry and Dibny played out well.


Image via The CW

Dibny proved his usefulness by stretching his arm out like Silly Putty to grab the helicopter and allowing The Flash to run up his arm to save Joe and take down the corrupt Mayor. As a result, Barry challenged Dibny to be the good detective he claimed to be by joining Team Flash.

It was eye-opening for Barry to see that his black-and-white thinking from years ago no longer exists as he has made many difficult and often wrong decisions. Joe helped Barry see Dibny in a new light and accept him as someone who could help the team. The Elongated Man also fills the void on the team with Wally’s departure and one with unique skills and special abilities.

The relationship between Cisco and Gypsy has been a highlight of the season so far. Since their romance is new, there’s a freshness and lightheartedness that’s refreshing to watch play out. Unlike Barry and Iris, who grew up together, Cisco and Gypsy are still learning about each other, uncovering their idiosyncrasies, and sharing their lives with each other.

The arrival of Gypsy’s father, Breacher was unfortunate for Cisco. Unlike most fathers who threaten their daughter’s dates, Breacher didn’t stop at threats, instead he went full force after Cisco. He hunted his daughter’s beau. The cat and mouse between Breacher and Cisco was entertaining, though the declaration that Cisco couldn’t vibe was arbitrary and didn’t make a lot of sense. It did mean Cisco had to crawl his way through Star Labs, which made it almost worth it.


Image via The CW

Cisco proved to be a formidable prey for Breacher, even if his first attempt at a trap failed. In the end, Cisco proved himself worthy of being Gypsy’s boyfriend through his dedication to his friends and standing his ground to protect them. Breacher is an intriguing addition to The Flash. He’s not a villain, but he definitely is not a friend either. Though, if the situation calls for it, I’m sure that Team Flash could count on his assistance. Breacher is an honorable man on a mission to protect people.

“Elongated Journey Into Night” had some great moments, but overall it wasn’t quite as fun or entertaining as the previous two hours. That’s not unexpected though with the introduction of two new recurring characters and setting up new story arcs for the season. Next week, The Flash should be full of laughs and love with Barry and Iris having their bachelor and bachelorette parties, plus Felicity’s in town!

Rating: ★★★ Good


–Cisco: “What’s your name?”

–Cisco: “Who are you?” Gypsy: “Daddy?” Cisco: “Pleased to meet you, sir. Is he going to put me down?”

–Breacher: “This facility is poorly guarded.” — Right?!? Nice for someone to point that out.

–Caitlin: “Oliver Queen is hot.” Iris: “Amen. Hallelujah.”

–“Like Silly Putty.”


Image via The CW

–Joe: “Four years seeing this stuff. I finally puked.”

–Breacher: “I’m going to hunt you.”

–Barry uses vibration to save him and Iris from the bomb. Slick move!

–Dibny: “I’m bad. I look like a Hemsworth.” — He is hot now!

–Barry punches Dibny and he’s like rubber. Wow. Going to be intriguing to see what the Elongated Man can do.

–Dibny: “Thanks for ruining my life twice, Allen.”

–Cisco: “Guess who’s got a hologram. Ho ho ho. … so you might as well wave your white flag cause you aren’t getting out of this thing ‘til the clock strikes Cisco’s victory. Oh, victory.”

–Breacher: “You can’t trap a trapper.”

–Barry’s move to stop the Mayor’s corrupt cops was slick. This season has utilized more of these “time stopping” moves from Barry and it works very well.

–Dibny: “Bullet booger. Super gross.”

–Dibny: “Are we good here? Cause I definitely have to change my drawers.”

–Barry reveals himself as The Flash to Dibny. Why even have a secret identity? It works though with Dibny joining the team.


Image via The CW

–Joe: “Cecile’s pregnant.” — In front of the Mayor?

— The baby celebration scene was fun and different than we’ve seen on the show before. Nice touch by Director Tom Cavanagh.

–Breacher: “I hate you, but I respect you. You’re a steadfast warrior who would fight the fiercest of enemies to protect your friends and the only person I love.”
Cisco: “With my dying breath.”
Breacher: “I know that, but I still hate you.”

–Cynthia! Josh!

–Cisco: “Not so scary now, Cynthia.”

–Horseshoe? “We miss you. See you soon.”

— DeVoe! He has been referenced more than once. Another foe? Or is he connected to The Thinker and The Mechanic?

–Dibny: “I smell a mystery.”