‘The Flash’s “Mystery Girl” Will Be a Series Regular in Season 5

     June 18, 2018


One of the only mystery box reveals in The Flash Season 4 was a speedster girl who appeared a few times throughout the season, and was guessed to be (pretty early on) Barry and Iris’ future daughter. In fact, you can check out our chronicling of all of her appearances here. It all ended up that she is, in fact, from the future and named Nora West-Allen (played by Jessica Parker Kennedy). She also admitted to Team Flash that she was there because she made a “big mistake” regarding time. Yep, sounds like she’s Barry’s kid!

So what part will Nora play in Season 5? Well, a pretty big one it seems. The CW has announced that Jessica Parker Kennedy will join the cast as a series regular next year, alongside Hartley Sawyer who has been upped to a series regular playing the Elongated Man and a core member of Team Flash. And while Keiynan Lonsdale will not, in fact, be a series regular on Legends of Tomorrow, we will see him in the Flash Season 5 premiere at least.


Image via The CW

After all of the disaster and fallout from Barry’s Flashpoint experience, and his use of speed to time travel before and since, there was almost none of it in Season 4 (or absolutely none of it, I believe). It looks like that will change mightily in the upcoming season, which could see a father-daughter time-traveling tag-team. But how exactly will the arrival of Nora into their lives affect Barry and Iris’ relationship in the present? And how might it affect the future? Things are about to get very timey-wimey and … I’m not sure it’s for the best. The show has a few other things that need to be fixed first.

The Flash returns to The CW in October.