‘The Flash’: A Definitive Guide to All of the Show’s Speedsters [Updated]

     October 4, 2016


At this point in the CW’s The Flash run, we’re up to our neck in speedsters! And because of that, we thought now would be the perfect time to do a breakdown of the ones we know about in the present, along with those who are set to join this motley crew in the future. Here you’ll find a guide to each of the speedsters connected to the “Speed Force,” (along with some who aren’t — or aren’t yet), as well as what they’re like in the comics that spawned them. Plus, where they may be going in the future (or the future-past, or the Earth 2 past, or the Earth 1 future …). Strap on your Flash ring and let’s sprint right into it.

Editor’s Note: Stay tuned, as we’ll be updating this post as we gain more information about the newest speedsters. Also, if you don’t want any comic book spoilers, just jump past each of the “In the Comics” sections.