THE FLASH: 9 Things We Learned from the Show’s WonderCon Panel

     April 6, 2015


What the hell is going on with The Flash? The past three episodes have been jammed with huge reveals and reversals. Barry Allen can travel through time! Eddie knows The Flash is Barry! Harrison Wells is Reverse-Flash! Allen discovers mentor/hero Wells was involved in his mother’s death! Wait a second — Harrison Wells isn’t even Harrison Wells at all, but a shape-shifting time traveler from the future (aka Professor Zoom)! So many exclamation marks – but The Flash deserves each one of them, burning through story at a pace that warrants some hacky speed-related pun. Where can the show possibly go from here both for the duration of this season and beyond? At WonderCon 2015, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg and cast members Danielle Panabaker, Candice Patton & Carlos Valdos teased out hints of what’s to come both in the not too-distant and distant future(s). Below are bullet point highlights of everything revealed.

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    Arrow will return to The Flash for another crossover episode. “It’s great to see the interaction between [The Arrow and The Flash]” Panabaker said, “The Arrow is very brooding and The Flash isn’t quite that dark and brooding so it’s nice to see that contrast… It’s nice having these world’s collide.”

  • In episode eighteen, Ray Palmer and Felicity Smoak are set to appear on the show. “Ray Palmer is having some trouble with his Atom suit and who better to go for help then Cisco Ramone.” Kreisberg revealed, “It’s obviously not a good time for Barry. Barry has just found out Wells is the Reverse Flash when suddenly Felicity and Ray stop by for an impromptu visit. For us it’s more than a gimmick. Barry and Felicity obviously have a have a very tight relationship. Despite the fact that everyone else thinks Barry is acting normal, she knows that something is up with him. What’s great about Felicity is she’s been a hero a lot longer than Barry has. So she helps him out and gets him through a couple things. Having to keep secrets from the people he’s working with is a new conundrum for Barry. That’s something Felicity helps him through…”
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    And yet another crossover between Arrow & The Flash is planned: Per Kreisberg — “One of the most fun stories we wrote is Cisco’s interaction with Laurel [Lance]. Cisco is us — and what would your reaction be if you met the Black Canary?…The reason [Laurel] comes to [Star Labs] is she needs a little help with the “Canary Cry”. Cisco builds her the brand new one that operates like it does in the comic books.”

  • Iris will finally find out about The Flash’s secret identity before the season is out. Kreisberg teased, “I think Iris’ response when she finally finds out is less about the excitement or joy or wonder that Barry is The Flash and more about how did anybody think it was acceptable to keep this from her in the first place.”
  • We will see Caitlin Snow become Killer Frost “much sooner than you think”. When pressed to give a one-word tease about the finale, Danielle Panabaker replied coyly — “Frosty.”
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    Kreisberg teased what’s going to happen in these last few episodes: “There’s a very big difference in the alternate timeline that will effect all the characters. In these last few episodes, everybody is going to hear about the future and what their futures should have been. What’s exciting about these last few episodes is seeing all these characters’ reactions to where they should have ended up and what actions they take to ensure that it goes that way. Or how many people are going to say — ‘No, that’s not the future I want.'”

  • “We have an episode coming up — episode 20 — which has flashbacks to the time when Barry was in a coma. So it’s fun and interesting to see everybody back then. To see Caitlin be not quite the Caitlin we know and to see the origins of how Barry got transferred to Star Labs and we get to see glimpses of Iris back then and Joe and it’s a really fun episode”
  • Who’s on the shortlist to appear during Season Two of The Flash? According to Kreisberg — “We definitely want to meet Mirror Master. I’m sure Doctor Alchemy will [also appear]…”
  • Per Kreisberg — “I wouldn’t be surprised if one day you saw Wally West on the show.”

The Flash airs Tuesday nights on The CW.

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