‘The Flash’ Midseason Premiere Trailer Vibes Barry Back to the Future

     December 21, 2016

the-flash-supergirl-trailersSpoiler alert for anyone who still needs to catch up on The Flash, but the midseason finale left Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) with an ominous vision of the future: Savitar kills Iris in five months time. That’s obviously not something he wants to come to pass, so he’s doing something about it in the first trailer for the series’ return in January.

With all the time-tampering Team Flash has been up to in battling speedster after speedster, the future has changed yet again. So now their main priority is figuring out every single event that leads up to Iris’ murder. Barry reasons that if they can change at least one of them, they can change the more dreaded outcome.

One of these events may have something to do with Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker), who’s looking a little frosty as her villainous alter-ego Killer Frost is looking to break forth again. But Barry is also heading back to the future, thanks to Cisco’s vibing abilities, so maybe he’ll be able to see it coming.

Watch the trailer for “Borrowing Problems from the Future” below:

The Flash midseason premiere debuts on January 24th on The CW. Supergirl will come out of winter break a night before on January 23rd, and the network also released a trailer for Kara’s new episodes. Kevin Smith, who directed episodes of The Flash, helms the Supergirl midseason premiere, which he previously described on Instagram as “filled with deep-cuts characters,” “reads bigger than anything I’ve ever directed before,” and “way above my pay grade.”

Watch the trailer below which features Dichen Lachman as Roulette, more Guardian, and Kara bleeding, which is especially not a good sign for the woman of steel.

Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow will also have their midseason premieres in the new year, so expect trailers from them shortly.