‘The Flash’ Trailer for “The Once and Future Flash” Reveals Barry Allen’s Run to 2024

     March 29, 2017


Spoilers for anyone who’s not caught up on the latest episode of The Flash. 

After the events of the latest episode of The CW’s The Flash, Barry Allen has a new bright idea about how to prevent the death of Iris West: Run to the future! While Barry clearly hasn’t learned anything from his previous attempts to mess with time, audiences will at least get to see what things look like in the year 2024.

April 25, 2024, to be exact, the very same date that The Flash was reported as having “vanished” during a “crisis” by The Central City Citizen. But before we figure out why Future Flash–a very good possibility for the identity of the villainous Savitar–peaced out of his own timeline, we get to see Contemporary Barry hang out with dirty and disheveled versions of his future friends. As glimpsed in this new extended trailer for the next episode, “The Once and Future Flash” (directed by series regular Tom Cavanagh), Cisco is all shook up, Iris is dead (RIP), and Barry has not shaved or cut his hair since her murder. Will the future folk be able to help sort things out in the past and prevent this bleak outcome? We’ll have to tune in to find out!

Check out the extended trailer below:

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