THE FLASH WonderCon Trailer Teases Season One Endgame

     April 6, 2015

the-flash-sliceThe Flash is rapidly approaching its season one finale and shows no sign of slowing down on the propulsive storytelling we’ve seen in the last few episodes. The CW’s hit superhero series starring Grant Gustin, Tom Cavanagh, Jesse L. Martin, Danielle Panabaker and Candice Patton has been firing on all cylinders for weeks. Recent episodes have been packed with twists, payoffs, and revelations, and the latest trailer promises there’s even more to come.

In the last three episodes, we’ve learned that Harrison Wells is Reverse Flash, that Harrison Wells isn’t really Harrison Wells at all, that Barry can travel through time, and so much more. Oh, and basically everybody knows that Barry is The Flash now. So, how do you top that? Check out what Tommy learned during the WonderCon panel, and watch The Flash WonderCon trailer below to find out.

Wow, that is a hell of a trailer. Time travel! Gorilla Grod! Cisco one-liners! And whoa, did Barry just kiss Caitlin? I’ve been impressed with how The Flash manages the 22-epsiode structure in its first season. That’s a lot of episodes to keep an arc interesting without fizzling out on too many filler episodes, but the folks on The Flash have paced the season well and continued to up the stakes with every episode. This trailer does an excellent job of laying out all the major existing narrative threads while teasing what’s to come. And these last few episodes look completely bonkers in the best way.

Where do you think The Flash is headed from here? Will they stick the landing? Sound off below.


Image via The CW