‘The Flash’: 9 Things We Now Know About Zoom

     April 20, 2016


If you did not understand all of the complex, timey-wimey Zoom information The Flash threw at you in “Versus Zoom,” you would be forgiven. (Especially because it is so wildly different from the Jay Garrick we know from the comics.) When talk of time remnants becomes a throwaway line, it’s probably time to slow your plot down and explain what the heck is happening (or, you know, devote an entire episode to showing, not telling).

Luckily, you have your friendly neighborhood blogger to help explain all of the exposition that went down re: Zoom/Hunter Zolomon/Jay Garrick. Here are nine things we learned about that many-named character in last night’s ep, including potential plot holes we really hope The Flash has a plan on filling…

Zoom started life on Earth-Two as Hunter Zolomon.