The Future of UNDERWORLD

     January 24, 2009

Written by Nicole Pedersen

The third chapter in Screen Gem’s “Underworld” trilogy, “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans”, is opening in theatres today. Even without star Kate Beckinsale, this prequel tale of werewolves and the vampires who love and oppress them is expected to pull off a number one finish at the weekend box-office – and you know what that means!! More prequel/sequel/leather-clad cinema may soon be in the works.

Ryan from ShocktillYouDrop spoke with Len Wiseman (director of the first two “Underworld” films and producer of “Lycans”) on the future of the franchise and here’s what he had to say:

“We’ll see what happens with this one… There was always a hope that there were three films we could tell – so we’ve completed that trilogy we’ve talked about. There are many places we can go. If people are willing to go back, they’re willing to go forward.”

Whether that means ‘forward’ all the way to the initial time-line or ‘forward’ from the time of “Lycans” on is not known. Two months ago, I would have bet that Kate Beckinsale would never come back for a genre movie sequel at this point in her career; but then again – the last studio she was involved with had to file for bankruptcy – leaving her Oscar hopes for “Nothing But The Truth” dying on the vine. A nice big studio sequel with a nice big paycheck may start to look more appealing in this economy…

To imagine Beckinsale back in leather pants click here.

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