Indie Spotlight: Hisonni Johnson’s THE GAMBIT

     February 22, 2014


The name Hisonni Johnson might be familiar to our readers, but I wouldn’t be surprised if his becomes a household name before too long.  We previously shared Johnson’s Nightwing project, Grayson: Earth One, with you on an earlier installment of Indie Spotlight, and today we’re featuring his new effort.  Today’s spotlight may not feature characters in capes and cowls, but there’s plenty of muscles and mayhem nonetheless.  The Gambit, which puts a twist on a classic action plot, sees a group of unlikely terrorists holding a sports arena hostage, with only a handful of second-chance slackers standing in their way.

The Gambit stars Raj Bhavsar, J. Teddy Garces, Cole Bernstein, Jack Cullison, Steve Whelan, Austin Highsmith, Dina Ridha, Darrell Womack, Rhonda Jackson, Gualberto Del Toro, Steve Crest, Chris Grant Wenchell and Paul Jerome.  Hit the jump for more.

Watch the first two episodes of Johnson’s The Gambit below, and be sure to let us know what you think!  If you like Johnson’s work, stay tuned; there are more episodes of Grayson: Earth One coming in the next few months, along with his take on another of DC’s famous heroes.  If you want to see more, make sure to get caught up on Johnson’s past, current, and future projects by visiting his production company’s website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel.


A group of disgruntled ex cops take the city’s largest sport arena hostage as part of an elaborate strategy to clear their names. They weren’t counting on the employees fighting back.


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