THE GIFT: A Slick Short Film by Carl Erik Rinsch

     April 8, 2010


Carl Erik Rinsch recently directed a cool short film recently for the electronics manufacturer Philips as part of Ridley Scott’s RSA team.  For those that need a brief refresher on Rinsch, he was the guy who almost directed the Alien prequel.  Instead, Rinsch is now attached to direct 47 Ronin and a remake of Creature from the Black Lagoon for Universal.

The short film is part of the Parallel Lines project where five of RSA’s hottest up-and-coming directors each had to make a film and the only requirement was that they include the dialogue, “It’s a unicorn.”  This leads me to believe that Philips is building the world’s first unicorn.

Hit the jump to see Rinsch’s sci-fi short, “The Gift” which debuted on /Film.  After you see it, you’ll want to keep him on your radar.


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