‘The Girl With All The Gifts’ Trailer Reveals A New Kind of Zombie Apocalypse

     June 21, 2016


Look, I get it. Somewhere between the release of 28 Weeks Later and the fourth season of The Walking Dead, the idea of the zombie apocalypse began losing its sparkle. The fact that we had to sit through that absolutely horrible adaptation of World War Z with Brad Pitt did not help matters one bit. Decades after Night of the Living Dead, the conceit of the zombies went from being situational, surreal, and terrifying to being a reflection of How We Live Now and the returns have been largely sub-par.


Image via Warner Bros.

Still, I have a very weak constitution when it comes to horror, and with the release of the trailer of The Girl With All The Gifts, which you can peep below, I’m suddenly vaguely interested in this nonsense again. It’s an adaptation of M.R. Carey‘s positively received novel of the same name, which sets up a universe where the world has largely been turned into the undead. All the while, a small contingency of survivors is attempting to create a cure underground, as well as teach the younger infested citizens to behave.

It’s familiar territory, and the trailer suggests a plethora of rote thematic concerns, including institutionalization, disease control, militaristic rule, and, of course, hope in the youth. And yet when that kid takes a big bite out of that poor soul’s neck amidst a ghastly battle between the living and the undead, I get interested real quick. Such is my sickness. The film is directed by veteran BBC director Colm McCarthy, and stars the likes of Glenn Close, Gemma Arterton, Paddy Considine, and Sennia Nanua, who plays the titular youngster who has the disease and yet can resist her nature. The film will be released in UK theaters on September 23rd, and will likely have a US premiere in the months to follow, which I may very well be super excited about for totally shameful reasons.

Here’s the first trailer for The Girl With All The Gifts:



Image via Warner Bros.

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