‘The Girlfriend Experience’ Season 2 Is a Go at Starz

     August 1, 2016


Though it’s been a not-great year for movies, with only two American films released by big studios this year really worth serious consideration, it’s been a fantastic year for TV. Better Call Saul‘s second season gave newfound depth to the already excellent series; Game of Thrones recovered nicely from a dreadful, even insipid fifth season; and BoJack Horseman Season 3 is arguably the best season of television that Netflix has ever produced, and that’s including the exemplary first season of House of Cards. Above all of this, however, is The Girlfriend Experience, Amy Seimetz and Lodge Kerrigan‘s wise, ingenious extrapolation of producer Steven Soderbergh‘s equally brilliant movie of the same name, which, along with the giddily perverse Ash vs Evil Dead, has given Starz concrete legitimacy as a house for original programming.


Image via Starz

And this morning, Starz reinforced its growing reputation by renewing the anthology series for a second season that will focus on an entirely different character than Riley Keough‘s stirring, quiet high-end escort. Amy Seimetz and Lodge Kerrigan, two very smart filmmakers who have made (or helped make) some of the best American independent films of the last few decades, will return as the series’ creators and key director-writers, as well as Soderbergh in his producing capacity. No word as of yet as to what the new season will focus on, or any of the performers who will be involved, but to simply have these three creative minds working together again is enough to make the new season of The Girlfriend Experience a major event on the TV calendar. We do know that the new season will run for 14 episodes, which puts it one episode over the last season, which ended with one of the very best episodes of television this year or of any year really. If the new season is even half as distinct in its view of sex, seduction, intimacy, identity, and money, it will be worth obsessive watching habits.


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