Philip K. Dick’s Short Story ‘The Great C’ Gets a First-Ever VR Narrative Adaptation

     July 25, 2018


Entertainment One’s (eOne) Emmy Award-winning studio Secret Location today announced that it will adapt Philip K. Dick’s short story The Great C into a cinematic virtual reality (VR) narrative, which will premiere at the Venice Film Festival later this summer. Featuring a poignant storyline, stunning environment and powerful soundtrack, The Great C transports viewers to a post-apocalyptic landscape in which the remnants of humanity are ruled over by an all-powerful supercomputer known as the Great C. Each year, the nearby village is forced to send a young person on a pilgrimage to appease the mysterious machine – a journey from which no one ever returns.

The Great C follows Clare, a young woman who finds her life upended when her fiancé is summoned for this year’s pilgrimage. Forced to leave the safe confines of her village, Clare must now decide whether to accept the rules of this harsh society or fight against the oppressive reality of her world. The Great C will debut at the Venice Film Festival and, following the premiere, it will be offered as a timed-exclusive at select location-based venues beginning this September.


Image via Secret Location

Features of the VR narrative include:

  • A step forward in cinematic storytelling.
  • Innovative use of editing, pacing, camera work and composition pushes the boundaries of what is possible in VR.
  • Volumetric, real-time graphics and sound to fully immerse the viewer in the story.
  • Effects like dynamic scaling during scenes seamlessly simulate the look and feel of camera movements, lens, and shot transitions similar to film.
  • Over 30 minutes of fully animated story spanning 20 unique environments.

Here’s what Ryan Andal, President and Co-Founder of Secret Location, had to say about the project:

“Philip K. Dick’s wonderfully forward-thinking stories have always felt primed for telling in equally forward-thinking mediums. Secret Location is highly focused on ushering in the future of storytelling, so pairing The Great C’s provocative themes with our VR development prowess is helping us redefine how we consume sci-fi stories. Authors have long adhered to the ‘show, don’t tell’ technique. We’re hard-pressed to find a better way to ‘show’ a story than in VR – adapting Philip K. Dick’s The Great C only makes our ability to ‘show’ even stronger.”


Image via Secret Location

With The Great C, Secret Location is pushing the boundaries of cinematic experiences by utilizing filmic techniques in areas such as editing, composition, and story structure and adapting them for a new medium, bringing a uniquely robust and visceral narrative to VR. This cinematic language is melded with real-time, room scale, characters and environments to engage audiences in a fully realized, next generation-level of storytelling tailormade for VR. The Great C will be the first-ever adaptation of a Philip K. Dick story into VR.

The title will be available for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation®VR, with an expected release in Q4 2018. This title is not yet rated. Secret Location produced The Great C with the support of the Canadian Media Fund.

About Secret Location:


Image via Secret Location

Founded in 2009 and acquired by Entertainment One (eOne) in 2016, Secret Location is reshaping the virtual reality (VR) industry by combining cutting-edge technology with traditional storytelling. Secret Location created the first original serialized VR narrative and is the first company in the world to win a Primetime Emmy Award for a VR project. Secret Location also in-house developed Vusr, a cloud-based content management system that offers solutions to several challenges in VR distribution such as monetization and managing location-based experiences.

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