‘The Grinch’ and His Poochy Pal Max Revealed in a New Olympics TV Spot

     February 9, 2018


One of Dr. Seuss‘ most (in)famous creations is getting an animated reboot later this year with Illumination Entertainment’s The Grinch. And even though the title character won’t arrive until November, we’ve already got an early glimpse at the Grinch in action! A new TV spot timed to NBC’s ongoing Winter Olympics coverage sees the no’goodnik getting into the sporting spirit, right along with his best pal (and fan favorite), Max.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to hear a sampling of star Benedict Cumberbatch‘s take on the character, but that will certainly be arriving within the next few months. In fact, we’re not even sure if this not-so-cozy-but-cozier-than-Mount-Crumpit abode seen in the ad will be the same one we see in the eventual movie, but for now it’s just a nice reminder that The Grinch is on the way. We’ll see how it stacks up compared to other Illumination Entertainment movies when it hits theaters on November 8th.

Check out The Grinch glimpse below:

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There’s much more coming from Illumination, like the Super Mario Bros. movie that’s been in the works for a little while now. That’s still in development, but over the next couple of years, the animation studio will also release The Secret Life of Pets 2Minions 2, and Sing 2. Yeah, don’t expect any other original movies from them in the near future, especially not when tried-and-true adaptations and smash-hit franchises have been working very, very well for them for years. Illumination even has a block of release dates carved out for as-of-yet unannounced films all the way through 2023. Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch is but the next one to hit theaters this fall!


Image via Illumination Entertainment

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