Teen Novel THE GROUNDING OF GROUP SIX To Be Written and Directed By Tom Sheppard

     December 1, 2010


Fans of the classic novel The Grounding of Group Six by Julian F. Thompson, will be overjoyed to learn that three time Emmy Award winning writer, Tom Sheppard, has optioned the motion picture and TV rights to the book. It’s taken some time to make it to film, almost 30 years after it’s original publication, but according to THR, Sheppard has negotiated a deal with Thompson’s reps and hopes to both write and direct the project. First published in 1983, The Grounding of Group Six is a truly original book. It details the harrowing experiences of five high schoolers at Coldbrook Academy boarding school, where it transpires that they were sent by their parents not to be taught, but to be killed. Hit the jump for more.

Tom Sheppard won the Emmy’s as writer for the animated series Back to the Barnyard and Pinky and the Brain. He also scripted indie movie, Would I Lie To You? and penned the screenplay for New Line’s The New Adventures of Pinocchio. If all goes according to plan though, this could be his most mainstream cinematic outing, awarding him considerably more recognition.

What can we expect from the movie? It’s far too early to speculate too much, but as author of the book, Julian F. Thompson is considered by some to be fairly controversial, almost always pitching uncaring, callous adults against responsible, intelligent teenagers, keeping readers on edge with quick witted humour, fast paced thriller sequences and particularly notable, copious sex. In all probability, the latter will be toned down at least a little if the movie is to target the same teenage audience as the book did. It seems like the perfect film to draw parents and teenagers to the cinema together (if that’s possible) and if it proves to be any good, it could inspire a new generation of rebellious teens (or a wave of murderous parents).


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