First Trailer for THE GUARD Starring Brendan Gleeson

     May 24, 2011


An international trailer for John Michael McDonagh’s comedy-crime flick The Guard has gone online.  I caught the film at Sundance and thought it was a lot of fun with a must-see starring performance from Brendan Gleeson.  The story centers on a cop (Gleeson) in Ireland who ends up assisting an FBI agent (Don Cheadle) in his hunt for drug traffickers.  What makes Gleeson’s performance so great is that he keeps you guessing as to his character’s intelligence while keeping the character’s indifference towards what other people think of him.  This trailer hints at that and I doubt the American trailer will include Gleeson’s remark “I thought only blacks lads were drug dealers. And Mexicans.”

Click over to RTE Ten to check out the trailer [via The Playlist].  We’ll have an embeddable version as soon as its available.  Sony Pictures Classics acquired the US and Latin American distribution rights to the film, but no US release date has been announced.


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