DOWNTON ABBEY’s Dan Stevens Is Creepy Company in THE GUEST Teaser Trailer

     June 26, 2014


Picturehouse has released The Guest teaser trailer online.  The film stars Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey) as a soldier who befriends the family of a fallen comrade and becomes a threat to everyone around him when it turns out he may not be who he says he is.  The Guest is from You’re Next director Adam Wingard and screenwriter Simon Barrett, and they’ve delivered another terrific movie.  I caught the flick at Sundance, and it felt like lost John Carpenter film from the 1980s.  Plus, it has an amazing performance from Stevens.  Seek this one out.

Hit the jump to check out The Guest teaser trailer.  The film opens in September, and also stars Maika MonroeLeland OrserLance ReddickChase Williamson, and Brendan Meyer.

Via IGN.

Here’s the official synopsis for The Guest:

The film tells the story of a young soldier who arrives on the doorstep of the Peterson family, claiming to be a good friend of their beloved son who died in action. The Petersons welcome David into their home and into their lives, but when people start mysteriously dying in town, mayhem ensues as their teenage daughter Anna starts wondering if David is responsible.


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