Watch: 8 New ‘Hateful Eight’ Clips Tease Wintry Backdrop

     December 9, 2015


The press tour for Quentin Tarantino and company has ramped up as we get closer to the release of The Hateful Eight. Tarantino has been giving interviews, appearing on talk shows, and revealing featurettes. To add to all the information we have been given in recent days, The Weinstein Company has released B-roll footage as well as — appropriately enough — 8 new clips from the film.

The B-roll footage appears to show the filming of three separate scenes. While it doesn’t reveal all that much regarding the plot, you do pick up on some dialogue that you may otherwise not want to know going into the film. That being said, the B-roll footage is rather impressive. It gives an indication of the conditions they filmed under, and demonstrates Tarantino’s commitment to location. In fact, Tarantino was so committed to an accurate portrayal and experience that when they weren’t outside surrounded by snow, he had them film on a refrigerated set.


Image via The Weinstein Company

The eight clips are a little more revealing than the B-roll footage. Rather than full scenes, they serve more as setups for the film that follows, only revealing some of the dynamics. And as they are meant to be an introductory 8 minutes of a 182 minute film, you won’t be shown too much. But if you choose to go into the film with as little knowledge as possible, just know that these clips demonstrate Tarantino’s trademark dialogue, and fully-formed characters.

This is all exciting stuff, as it means we are closer to the release of one of the more highly-anticipated films remaining this year (besides that one called Star Wars). You may recall that the film will be released wide January 8th, but will have a special roadshow debut in 100 theaters starting December 25th. The roadshow version will include a musical overture, a 12 minute intermission, and about six minutes more of the film. And of course, it will be shown in “glorious” 70mm. (I recommend watching this interesting featurette to learn more about that version, as well as the history of roadshows and 70mm film in general). Regardless of which version you see, though, if these clips are any indication, we are in for wintry holiday season.


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