Watch: Carla Gugino Answers Some Major Lingering ‘Haunting of Hill House’ Questions

     November 17, 2018


Be aware there are major spoilers for The Haunting of Hill House.

Maybe you’re just now catching up with Mike Flanagan’s breakout Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House, or maybe its mysteries have been rolling around in your brain since it premiered last month, but either way, you probably had a few lingering questions when the credits rolled on the final episode. Now, some of those mysteries were obviously left open to audience interpretation, but it turns out some of them have very specific answers, and series star Carla Gugino has done us all a favor by breaking them down with very straightforward answers.

Gugino stars in the series as Crain family matriarch Olivia, who slowly falls prey to the maddening influences of Hill House before trying to kill her own children and ultimately taking her own life (with the help of a particularly manipulative ghost), and winds up haunting her own family. Hers is a tragic tale, and Gugino plays it beautifully, and it’s clear she put a lot of thought into nailing down every detail of her character’s timey-wimey journey every step of the way.

The actress sat down with the folks at Buzzfeed recently to answer a few key burning questions, and it’s a pretty informative six minutes. Unlike the usual viral celebrity theory videos, which are often filled with cheeky misdirects and coy teases, Gugino is super upfront with her answers in explaining some of the lingering mysteries of the series, including why Luke couldn’t burn down Hill House and who put the buttons on Nell’s eyes at the funeral home. Find out the answers for yourself in the video below.