Louis Gossett Jr., Ed Asner, Fionnula Flanagan, Brian Cox, and Cloris Leachman Visit THE HOME

     October 20, 2010


Kristoffer Aaron Morgan and Eric Vespe (aka Kraken and Quint of AICN) have begun to assemble a cast for their horror film The Home: namely Louis Gossett Jr. (Iron Eagle), Ed Asner (Up) and Fionnula Flanagan (the Lucy to Desmond Hume’s Charlie Brown on Lost). Bloody Disgusting reports that Brian Cox (chewing scenery in the recent Red) and the great Cloris Leachman (Raising Hope) are also in talks to star in the horror thriller.

The Home concerns a young man who, after suffering a horrible accident, goes to recuperate at a nursing home… that just so happens to be infested with carnivorous monsters. Tough break. Having unfortunately visited a nursing home not too long ago, I can tell you that they are heartbreakingly sad and terrifying all at once. I wasn’t sure whether to cry for the elder woman, who stared transfixed at a blank unplugged television screen as yellow droplets rolled down her leg, or run screaming from the poor woman. Add monsters into the mix — and well, I get the shudders just thinking about it. More about old people and monsters after the jump. (No easy jokes about them being the same thing, please.)

Collider previously reported on The Home here; said link also includes some pretty nifty art work for the film. I’m all for elder people fighting off monsters.  I secretly wish the aliens in Cocoon had been evil so I could of watched Jessica Tandy taking a bat to alien scum.  So this film is easily a must see for me. Add in the beginnings of a great cast and they can’t shoot this one early enough for me.

Upon writing this article, my mind immediately drifted to other old people vs. monsters films — although the only one I can think of recently is Bubba Ho-Tep. If you, Collider reader, know of any other old folk vs. monster films, please remind me in the talkback. My film mind is growing older and is just not the same as it used to be.


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