New Trailer and Poster for Survival Thriller THE HUNTER Starring Willem Dafoe

     January 27, 2012


The new trailer and poster for The Hunter have been released. The film stars Willem Dafoe as a mysterious man who has been hired to track and hunt the last remaining Tasmanian Tiger. While on the hunting mission, Dafoe must keep his employer and true intent a secret from the suspicious townspeople. While the logline may seem a bit generic (and familiar, given the upcoming release of the survival pic The Grey), the trailer is actually pretty damn enthralling. Dafoe is great as always, and a tremendous air of suspense envelops every scene. The pic premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, where Matt wasn’t all too taken by it (read his review here). I’m really hoping the film delivers, as I’m quite intrigued by this trailer.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer and poster. Directed by Daniel Nettheim, the film also stars Frances O’Connor and Sam Neill. The Hunter will be available VOD on March 2nd, and hits theaters April 6th.

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Here’s a synopsis for The Hunter:

THE HUNTER is the story of Martin, a skilled and ruthless mercenary sent into the Tasmanian wilderness on a hunt for a tiger believed to be extinct. Hired by an anonymous company that wants the tiger’s genetic material, Martin arrives in Tasmania posing as a scientist. He proceeds to set up base camp at a broken-down farmhouse, where he stays with a family whose father has gone missing. Usually a loner, Martin becomes increasingly close to the family; however, as his attachment to the family grows, Martin is led down a path of unforeseen dangers, complicating his deadly mission.


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