‘The Incredibles 2’: Composer Michael Giacchino Officially Returning for Pixar Sequel

     November 25, 2015


With The Incredibles 2 officially set for release in 2019, it’s time for Pixar to assemble the team. The film has a director, Brad Bird, and presumably some of its cast, but now another behind-the-scenes member is officially on board the highly anticipated sequel: Michael Giacchino, who composed the score for the first film.

Bird announced the news on social media, tweeting a GIF of the composer signing up to write the score. He, in turn, tweeted, “Looking forward to being back in business with Mr I and Family.”



Giacchino and Bird recently teamed on Disney’s Tomorrowland, and he’s been a busy bee in general. Some of the scores he worked on include Inside Out and Jurassic World. He’s finishing up Zootopia for the Mouse House and has Star Trek Beyond, the Jumanji remake, Cars 3, and War for the Planet of the Apes on the docket. Even with the excitement already surrounding The Incredibles 2, it wouldn’t be the same without this signature tune from Giacchino.

Plot details and official casting are still unknown. Samuel L. Jackson said Frozone might return and Bird recently teased to Collider the change in writing an Incredibles sequel in the age of superhero movie franchises.

But what’s changed is there were only two other superhero franchises at the time Incredibles came out. One of them was X-Men and the other was Spider-Man, and now there are 400 billion of them and there’s a new superhero movie every two weeks. What you don’t want to do is trot over the same turf in the same way everyone else is. So we’re trying to keep it focused in the area that our film was, which was a little bit more about characters and relationships and stuff like that, and see where that takes us. But we’re having a good time.

We still have a ways to go before The Incredibles 2 hits theaters on June 21, 2019.

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