The U.S. Will Make the Same Mistake as Many Times as It Takes in New THE INTERVIEW Trailer for Film’s VOD Release

     December 24, 2014


Through a cyber-attack, threats against movie theaters, Sony pulling the film, and the President chastising studio’s decision, The Interview actually came out a day early of its original Christmas Day release, and is now available on VOD.  I’m sure we’re due for plenty of thinkpieces about how indie theaters and VOD are now game-changers, and what the drama surrounding The Interview‘s release holds for the future of cinema.  But while we wait for those thinkpieces, Sony has released another The Interview trailer, and this one is more restrained that ones we’ve seen before.  There are no jokes about a McConaughey goat-fuck, Nicki Minaj’s vagina falling out, or Seth Rogen shoving a bomb up his butt.  There are still silly jokes in the trailer, but the movie has now taken on an odd sheen of patriotism. While I don’t consider watching the movie to be an act of defiance against North Korea, what’s happened with the release of The Interview is a good reminder of how grateful we should be when it comes to creative freedom, even if that freedom is in service of making jokes regarding Kim Jong-Un’s bowel movements.

Hit the jump to check out The Interview trailer.  The film opens in limited release tomorrow, and while you can watch it on VOD now, I feel that it’s always best to watch comedies in theater with a large crowd if you can.

Via the film’s YouTube VOD landing page.


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